Human resources is a field that has been growing rapidly ever since industrialization took place. Often times, human resources is thought of as just being a field that is located inside of a factory, but human resources has left that stereotype and is now found in almost every type of business around the world. Whether they are called human resource manager, human resources, or human capital manager, the point of the job is the same: to hire employees and manage their benefits.

There is one specific problem when it comes to human resources, however. The fact that every company has a human resources manager is just fine, but it is often the fact that every company only has one. Because of this, the HR manager will often have no one to rely on for help in tough situations and is forced to use only their own judgment. This can lead to bad decision making. HR networking can help to alleviate this problem, as well as others. By allowing HR managers to network across company or subsidiary lines, companies are enabling their managers to make the best decision possible for the company.

HR networking is also very useful as a means of human resource managers to share information about the field. For professions like accountants, new regulations are often heard by one person and shared throughout the office. HR managers do not have this, since they alone are the ones that need the information. If they have a way of networking, these managers can get the news about new benefits or laws pertaining to how people need to be hired.

Laws and regulations are plentiful in the field of human resource management. There are laws about benefits and how people are to be treated. There are laws about who should be hired and who the company cannot turn away. However, many companies do not have detailed rules laid out for their HR managers for certain situations. This is because the field of HR management is one that has a number of scenarios for things that can go wrong. There is no set in stone answer for many of these items. HR networking can be a great way for HR managers to share their stories and how they resolved issues. The other managers can then benefit from that situation and learn from the other managers’ mistakes.

There are a number of reasons why a company should help their HR manager take part in HR networking. New information and advice given by other managers help the current human resources manager to keep up to date and implement actions that have worked for other companies. These networks help to make the human resources manager more valuable to the company.

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