As many of us are starting to accumulate a wide assortment of items for our homes or businesses, the demand for storage facilities is growing by leaps and bounds. More so that it has crept into the consciousness of popular culture through popular TV shows that is centered on storage auctions.

According to the Self Storage Association the self storage industry is one of the fastest growing sectors of the United States over the last 35 years. There are over 58,000 self storage facilities in the U.S. as of 2010 with around 3,000 in Canada and 1,000 in Australia. But while there are numerous benefits to renting space in a storage facility, there are significant drawbacks such as location and what collateral risks such as said auctions of unpaid rent.

A great alternative to self storage facilities are mobile storage containers. These temporary pods can be placed in a backyard or near a business facility to accommodate for easy access. Here are added benefits of utilizing a mobile storage rental as opposed to a self storage facility.

Mobile storage containers are an effective way to de-clutter your space. Having an easily accessible mobile storage rental near your business or home can provide easy storage that is independent of an already established building. Whether it's for construction purposes, retail, educational institutions or industrial purposes, a portable storage container has the capability to provide safe storage for safekeeping. With the much-needed extra space, there really is no excuse for a cluttered look, especially in a commercial space that is exposed to potential customers.

Important documents can be stored away in a lockbox inside a mobile storage container. Most storage providers provide accessories such as high security lock boxes or safes. Because most of these containers are made up of impenetrable material and are weatherproof, portable storage containers can house valuable items and documents.

Personalized mobile storage containers can effectively support renovations efforts. If your business is undergoing major changes, mobile storage containers are big enough to easily store away furniture, partitions, valuable items and more. Having a nearby storage container can eliminate transportation costs and stressful moving tasks.

A nearby portable storage container can prevent storage auctions and loss of valuables. Self storage facilities are known to build in strict guidelines that can cause individuals to lose all of their valuables if emergency happens to fall upon them. They can go ahead and auction off the contents of your locker if payments are missed. What if there is a life-altering emergency and payments have not been made? With a mobile storage container there are leasing options that can ultimately lead to owning the storage pod.

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