Much like 'aged' wine, if allowed to 'simmer' old content can be fertile grounds for creating new ways to grow your business as an internet marketer! By establishing or creating new grounds of relevancy the use of previously circulated unique content can be given additional and useful life!

Here are 3 perfect examples as to how you can continue to grow your business using information that has already been published online!

More Effective Presentation

Through experience we all learn how to better communicate the points we want to make! By taking unique content published by some else and rewording it in a way that may be easier to understand can give it a completely different look while also renewing its appeal! Although older information presented online may be brilliant in what it can offer, if it is not easily understood by readers it does not serve its purpose!

Keyword Tweaking

Even the slightest adjustments in the keywords you use can target an entirely different reader thereby giving you completely unique content! As an internet marketer you know the importance of using keywords when working online. This is how search engines find and categorize anything you compose so that people looking for this type of information can easily find it! Well 'tweaking' older or 'dated' information by using different keywords and shifting the emphasis of the points being made will once again target a whole new audience! All you need is the current 'premise' and with a little 'shifting' you can create something completely different!

Additional Wisdom

With time comes wisdom, in most cases, and tackling an old subject with greater insight and experience gives a whole new legitimacy and usefulness to what you compose! The internet is a very dynamic environment and with all the constant changes you can gain a fast education! In addition change also tends to make some material less relevant over a short period of time! Reworking an older piece of information into something that offers more relevancy to the current conditions is a great way to create unique content!

Old content in terms of that which has already been published online can be dusted off and put to good use to help you grow your business! True as it may be that unique content is the best to use for marketing purposes, our discussion above presents 3 examples of how to actually effectively 'reuse' previously published information! By optimizing a body of work differently or calling upon additional wisdom or writing skills acquired through experience, any resourceful internet marketer can create unique content from old information!

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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