Priya, a 13 year old girl said, “I feared while practicing for the exhibition but performed very confidently today. From the morning of the day of the exhibition, there was an enthusiasm among all the students in school. In our village, we get less chance to showcase our projects to the world. Thanks to the NGO that has organized such a good science exhibition in the school premises today. As we belong to a small village where most of the villagers are farmers, we decided to present our exhibition theme based on the agricultural productivity.

Students from other schools had also participated in the exhibition. Through it we got a chance to meet new students and educationists from the different parts of our neighborhood villages. Our theme was highly appreciated and by God’s grace we succeeded in securing first position. Being a girl from a small village, it’s a great opportunity for me to take part in an exhibition like this.” Every exhibition has something to offer to everyone. The main purpose behind any exhibition is to provide a platform to the people to showcase their inner talents. An exhibition may be on any topic such as art and craft, science, photography, trade & commerce, electronic gadgets and many more.

In schools, the most common forms of exhibitions are science and arts. In a science exhibition, the students are asked to submit the blue print of their project earlier before the exhibition day. The students may participate in such presentations either in an individual basis or in groups. In most cases the school authorities prefer the students to participate in groups so that they can learn different life skills there. Such shows have many things to offer to the students and thus modern day school regularly organizes these in the school. Some of the benefits of school science exhibition are briefly discussed below:-

1. It provides a platform to the students to exhibit their inner talents. As it is completely practical based, so students also find interest in participating in such events

2. It strengthens the student’s knowledge of the subject matter. In these events the groups of students are divided according to their age and class standards. Thus they are given projects based on their class standards only

3. Students can develop the skills of leadership, and relate how to work in groups through such events. As they have to work in a group, it is very important for them to work co-operatively

4. A science fair project even provides an opportunity for the discussion of ethical issues, such as plagiarism and falsification of data. Indeed, such a discussion is highly recommended. The ease of copying information from the Internet is hard to resist, and many students are far ahead of their teachers in understanding what is possible

5. It plays a vital role in spreading awareness about a particular issue.

Preparing a science fair project is an excellent example of what education experts call active learning or enquiry. It is a very effective instructional method; indeed, it is recommended as a cornerstone of successful science teaching.

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