Have you noticed an increasing number of people seem to have straighter smiles? You’re not imagining things as dental braces are no longer just for children. These days, more people are choosing to have orthodontic treatment as adults, largely because of the introduction of newer and far less visible braces. Most people, when imagining a dental brace think of traditional metal brackets and wires, and which are attached to brightly colored elastics. These braces are still widely used and especially for children because treatment is extremely good, and this type of brace is very cost-effective.

However, the idea of wearing metal braces is unsurprisingly very unappealing for adults which is why you can now choose fixed braces with ceramic or clear brackets. These brackets are attached to thin metal wires that may even be tooth-colored, or you might be suitable for the very latest removable braces that are made from thin, clear plastic. Another type of brace uses fixed brackets and wires, but instead of being fitted onto the outside of your teeth, it’s fitted to the inner surfaces of your teeth and cannot be seen. It is a type of brace called a lingual brace and which can produce great results, but it is only suitable for specific situations.

Some braces are only designed to straighten front teeth, and these are the teeth which are called the social six or social eight because they are visible whenever you smile or talk. The braces, which are often called cosmetic braces, can work very efficiently and quickly, straightening teeth within a matter of a few weeks or months. The speed of treatment is reflected in the price. Additionally, using a cosmetic brace can be a far healthier long-term solution for straightening your smile rather than opting for more invasive treatment such as dental veneers or crowns. With both these treatments, your dentist would need to modify your teeth significantly.

Why Even Straighten Your Teeth?
Most people want to straighten their teeth because straighter teeth look more attractive! It is a great reason, but there might be some other benefits you haven’t considered. For example, when you brush your teeth is it nearly impossible to clean all the tooth surfaces thoroughly? When you floss do you find the floss gets stuck in between your teeth, or that you cannot even fit the floss between every tooth? These are common problems for people who have teeth that are too tightly packed, so they are often crooked or overlapping.

Another problem can be caused when you have unsightly gaps in between your teeth that easily trap food. When you have front teeth that protrude or stick out too far, then your risk of dental injury is increased. Additionally, teeth that don’t bite together correctly, for example, you may find you bite down on just some teeth rather than others will wear down less evenly. When your teeth don’t wear down unevenly, it increases the risk of the teeth that take the brunt of your chewing and biting forces becoming more worn or even chipped and fractured.

Correcting these problems will give you a much more attractive smile, but it’s likely to be healthier too! Choosing to have adult orthodontics could provide you with unexpected oral health benefits, protecting and preserving your natural teeth, so you are less likely to require costly restorative dentistry to repair them in the future.

Deciding Between Fixed and Removable Braces
When given a choice, most adults will want to have removable braces, but what if your orthodontist suggests fixed braces? If they do, it’s because they feel you have more complex orthodontic problems that require the type of precise tooth movements that are best achieved with fixed braces. Today’s nearly invisible fixed braces can provide excellent results, and because these braces are permanently fixed on your teeth for the duration of treatment, they are continually working to reposition your teeth.

It is true that you might need to adjust your diet a little during treatment because very hard or crunchy foods or anything that is very sticky could damage or break your braces or will be very difficult to remove. You might need to spend a little longer cleaning around the brackets and wires during treatment, but the result should be well worth the extra effort.

When to Choose Removable Braces
Removable braces are another great option and can correct a lot of common orthodontic problems. Your dentist may suggest this choice if the issues requiring correction are quite straightforward. Removable braces can be a great solution if you previously had orthodontic treatment as a child but have subsequently seen your teeth drift out of position during adulthood. One of the most popular removable orthodontic systems today is called Invisalign, and it’s used worldwide.

Invisalign uses clear, BPA-free plastic aligners that are custom-made to fit tightly over your teeth. The system is incredibly simple to use because all you need do is to wear the aligners for most of the time, ideally for at least 22 hours each day because they should only really be removed for brushing and flossing, and during mealtimes.

Having removable braces does mean treatment is extremely easy and it will have little impact on your everyday life. You’ll still be able to eat all your favorite foods and looking after your teeth is the same as usual, so you won’t need to spend any extra time brushing and flossing around fixed brackets and wires.

Although many general dentists will provide Invisalign braces, they might not be qualified to offer fixed braces. Ideally, it is better to see an orthodontist, so that you will get the very best and most expert advice.

Following Your Orthodontist’s Advice
When you visit an orthodontist, then they can carefully examine your teeth and jaws, and the way your teeth bite together which is called your occlusion, before offering the most advanced orthodontic solutions. Every possible option will be explained in detail, including why your orthodontist thinks it’s best suited for your needs. Following their advice will ensure your teeth are correctly straightened, so that any problems with your occlusion are treated, giving you the healthiest and most beautiful smile possible.

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