The law is a fascinating, complex subject, but studying it at summer school can help you to master it

Becoming a lawyer can lead to a rewarding career path, allowing you to make a real difference in people's lives, become part of a noble institution, and make a very decent living while you're at it. But the road to becoming a fully-fledged lawyer is long and difficult, requiring years of hard study and experience. The fact that so few secondary schools offer law as an A Level topic can make it even harder, as you may end up applying for a university law course without any kind of experience or realistic expectations.

That's why summer school is such a worthwhile opportunity for those wanting to study law. Programmes like Immerse Education's Cambridge summer school in the UK can provide you with the knowledge and experience you crave. Whether you're interested in constitutional, human rights, criminal, or EU law, Immerse Education can help you to take your first steps into your future career in a safe, healthy environment. Read on to discover the huge benefits that come with studying law at summer school.

Topics covered

Immerse Education aims to provide a well-rounded curriculum designed to challenge and inspire in equal measure. Students will start with the basics of UK constitutional law, and the relationship between it and the devolved constitutional powers in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. From there new theories and practices will be introduced; made more immediate by framing them through current events. An example of this is the study of the intricate network of laws governing the EU, and how this works in relation to the legal systems of its member states.

When discussing UK law, students will learn of the UK's movement towards a more federal structure and discuss the impact on parliamentary sovereignty. This will provide each student with detailed knowledge of how the legal systems of both their country and the EU work, and grant them a greater appreciation of the complex forces shaping our world today.

Often the study of law can be perceived as dry, which is why Immerse Education provides an interactive education that goes beyond the classroom. Towards the end of the programme, students will be taken into a working courtroom, to observe barristers at work, and see what the daily running of our legal system involves. They will then get an opportunity to put this knowledge into practice in the classroom, by staging a mock trial with their peers.


Immerse Education wants to equip its law students with the knowledge and skills necessary to embark on a law degree at the university level. Our expert tutors come from the most prestigious universities in the world, such as Harvard, Oxford, and Cambridge, and through a mixture of in-class debates, hands-on activities, short essays, and examinations of both legislation and ethics, we will guide them into the habits and mindset necessary to both a career in law, and study at a university level.

Social life

Summer school, much like university and most careers, is not just about academic study. We encourage our students to forge friendships with one another so that the summer school experience is rewarding on a social level as well as an educational one. Our cohort of students comes from all over the world, meaning that our law students will encounter people with many different backgrounds, religious beliefs, and outlooks, which will only serve to broaden their horizons and teach them to appreciate a variety of viewpoints: an essential skill for any barrister.

So if you’re aspiring to study law at an esteemed university like Cambridge University, summer school is a great way to get a head start.

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