It started out as a gimmick product being sold on infomercials in the middle of the night. Many people considered it completely unnecessary and a waste of time and money. The product that made people wonder who could think of such a thing is the automatic self-cleaning cat litter box.

Cat owners love to brag about how easy they are to take care of. They do not require constant attention and affirmation. They do not need to be walked. Cats are independent and that is something that cat-owners love. Cats also do not have to be let outside to do their business. There is no need to carry a pooper scooper around as you follow a cat. Instead a cat can be easily trained to use a litter box. All the cat owner has to do is clean the litter box every now and then by emptying the contents in the bag.

Despite the ease of caring for a cat, there has been no shortage of ways to make it easier to deal with the waste of the cat. Litter that clumps together or that has special deodorizing characteristics is commonplace. While the types of cat litter has changed dramatically, the design of the litter box has not. It is usually a rectangle and it may or may not have a lid to it. The automatic self-cleaning Best Self-Cleaning Litter Box does not change the shape and size of the litter box, but it does have plenty of other benefits to consider.

• The litter is always clean – Unless a cat owner follows their cat to the litter box every time and cleans it immediately after use, the litter box will contain waste products at times. The self-cleaning litter box will automatically rake the waste out of the litter when the cat leaves the box. This helps eliminate the smell and improves the appearance of the litter box in the home.

• The waste is in a bag – The waste will be swept from the litter box directly into a bag. The only thing an owner has to do is pick up the bag and carry it to the trash outside.

• There is little maintenance – If a cat litter is used that clumps when the cat uses the box, there is not much the owner needs to do other than occasionally adding more litter. The box will be kept clean automatically and the litter with waste will be removed.

• Cats will enjoy the Automatic Self Cleaning Litter Box – Although some cat owners will claim their cat does not like their type of litter box, most cats actually prefer it because their litter is always clean when they use the box.

• The smell – The biggest issue with a slitter box is the smell. With the automatic self-cleaning cat litter box, this problem is virtually eliminated. It is much more difficult for people to realize there is a cat in the home thanks to the reduction of the smell from the litter box.

The automatic Self-Cleaning Litter Box may have seemed like a gimmick product when it was first introduced and in some ways it was. Once cat owners learned about how much this product could help them and their cat, the gimmick became something that every cat owner should have.

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