Best massage chair is the principle of the use of mechanical rolling force and mechanical force extrusion to massage. Best massage chair can clear the meridians, so that blood circulation, maintaining the body’s yin and yang balance, so you can feel the muscles after massage. Relaxation, joint flexibility, the spirit of excitement, eliminates fatigue, to ensure an important role for health. Massage can enhance the body's natural disease resistance, to achieve health effects.

How to choose the best massage chair?

Quality: whether the operation is an important indicator of silence, a best massage chair must be quiet and quiet, noisy of the massage chair must be rough mechanical structure, quality is not good. Do not doubt about this.

Movement: High-quality movement of the general price of best massage chairs is higher, but not necessarily high prices are good shopping malls movement. All metal movement costs are high, trouble-free operation
Computer-controlled: Not a color-emitting controller is really computer-controlled, computer-controlled is a pre-Enter the simulated massage expert program, but also automatically detect each body type, and then calculate a set of

What are the benefits of massage on the human body?

Massage is an ancient health rehabilitation methods, the world's ethnic groups have different cultural connotation of the massage, the methods are manipulated by technicians, to relieve muscle fatigue, relax the nerves, improve blood circulation, eliminate the resulting physical discomfort, Experienced technicians can also be a variety of acute and chronic contusion, strain, stroke squeal muscle and nerve diseases caused by effective treatment, to relax and restore health purposes. In this case,

Massage according to its role can be divided into health care massage and leisure class massage and massage therapy three categories, the main purpose of health massage is to restore muscle nerve activity, get rid of sub-healthy state, boost the spirit, the typical massage and traditional medicine means, after a certain course of treatment, to achieve the purpose of rehabilitation and improvement, the purpose of the purpose of treatment, Is to emphasize the effect of treatment, to promote the recovery of the body.

The typical medicine, bone massage, the technician's professional knowledge and operating skills require a higher, leisure massage: the main emphasis on the relaxation of the human spirit, in addition to massage, the emphasis on people's eyesight, smell, The overall effect of the atmosphere, through the soft and comfortable decoration, lighting, beautiful music, and light aromatic air, creating a pleasant atmosphere of elegance, Europe and the United States are the first choice for business people: a typical oil massage.

Who is suitable for massage?

Massage is an age-appropriate health program, for the requirements of health care, treatment and leisure needs of different massage choose a different massage project is very important. General drunkenness, pregnancy, strenuous exercise, too hungry, traumatic injury within 24 hours is not acceptable massage. In this case,

Massage chairs in the use of common sense issues:

Best massage chair principle is the use of mechanical rolling force and mechanical force to squeeze massage, artificial massage can clear the meridians, so that blood circulation, maintaining the body's yin and yang balance, so you can feel the muscles relax after massage, flexible joints, so that People spirits, eliminate fatigue, to ensure the health of an important role. For normal people, artificial massage can enhance the body's natural disease resistance, to obtain health effects.But the best massage chair mechanical massage and artificial massage is different, although there are several massage chair contacts, but cannot choose points, acupuncture and artificial massage similar to the action, but to imitate people "rubbing", "pinch" action.

In addition, some people are not suitable for using best massage chairs, who is the hypertensive heart patients and patients with osteoporosis, because massage can speed up the body's blood circulation, easily lead to heart disease and hypertension in patients with disease; and osteoporosis due to calcium deficiency and other reasons, easily lead to brittle, massage strength, and is particularly vulnerable to fracture; who has Is the local skin damage, ulcers, bleeding and tuberculosis, cancer patients and people who are hungry, fed, drunk, or overworked.

Other considerations when using a massage chair:

First, the use of best massage chairs to relax physically and mentally, in addition to thinking should focus on massage, in particular, be calm, the body do not tense;

Second, the use of best massage chairs to adjust the intensity of the chair massage, because the force is too small will not play a stimulating effect, too easy to produce fatigue, and damage the skin, massage power and the number of times from less to more,

Third, to use the best massage chair to master the massage time, each time to 20 minutes is appropriate, the best morning and evening each time, such as getting up early after bed and before going to sleep, in addition, the selection of the best massage chair according to their own constitution, manufacturers of product features to choose vary from .

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