Vaping is something a lot of people are trying when they are having problems with giving up smoking. Using e-cigarettes also known as vaping pens that are filled with your choice of e-liquid also known as vape juice, there are a few reasons they are the better option. Here is a closer look.

Why choose vaping pens over smoking?

1) Safer

Vaping is a lot safer for a person’s health than regular cigarette smoking is. It can be as much as 95% safer depending on the frequency and type of vaping liquids used. There is no ash or tar involved with vaping so you do not have those issues of skin health, lung capacity, hygiene and circulation to worry about. It is also safer for those around you with no risk of secondhand smoke inhalation.

2) No horrible smell

When using an e-cigarette with vape juice, NZ, there is no smell released as there is in the smoke from a real cigarette. You might not fully realise it when you are smoking but that smoke gets into everything. Even when you have put on clean clothes as soon as you light up that smoke seeps back in. Over time that smell becomes stale and very unpleasant. While there is a slight odour from vaping it is not unpleasant and it does not linger for ages.

3) Control your nicotine more precisely

When you are using a vape pen you have a lot more control over the nicotine you are taking in. There are a lot of different strengths with various vape juice options. You can slowly lower your intake until you swap to options that are completely nicotine-free if you want to. How much you adjust and when it happens is something you have complete control over.

4) More control over the vapour

Another thing you have control over is the amount of vapour your device produces. If you prefer a low amount you can choose a smaller device to vape with. More high-end devices are good for cloud chasing. You can also fine-tune the vapour with things like the airflow, coil type and power output.

5) Varied flavours

Vape juice NZ comes in a range of flavours and companies continue to come up with more. It makes it a lot more interesting than smoking as when you tire of what you are vaping with now you can experiment with others. As well as tobacco you can find beverage flavours, desserts, foods including fruits and so on.

6) Mimics the habit of smoking better than other quit smoking options

When it comes to quitting smoking it is not just the nicotine addiction that makes it hard. Smoking is a social thing, a habit you form after eating, the action of taking the cigarette to your lips and then the satisfaction that evokes is something patches, gum, and so on cannot help you give up. When you vape to quit smoking you can still get that kind of action along with more control on how you lower your nicotine intake.

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