In this age of wish fulfillment everything has been made possible with new innovations and modifications to already existing things. Therefore the conventional tubs have undergone a facelift, so to say, and now comes in all kinds of shapes and sizes. The latest version to make life easier for everyone is the tub shower combination which can be walked into, as opposed to climbing over the ledges of conventional bathtubs. It is therefore also known as walk in bathtubs, which is especially beneficial to elderly people or people with some kind of physical infirmity or deformities.

Especially for the elderly, the walk in tub shower combination comes as a boon, as they can simply walk into this kind of bath tubs and don’t have to balance for climbing over the ledge of a conventional tub. The pleasure of simply walking into a tub can only be imagined by those who are suffering from age related illnesses and are not so firm with the balance factor. They can just walk in and sit down on the non slippery seat that is part of such tubs and comes with an anti bacterial cushion which is also water resistant. The water in these tubs don’t seep out or spill out easily as the doors are made in such a way that water seepage is prevented, keeping the bathroom floor dry and water free. Once a bathroom floor becomes wet, there is every chance for frail old person to slip and suffer a fall. With these tubs this risk is considerably minimized. The water in these tubs can be drained out faster than conventional tubs and that is also an added advantage as the person inside the tub does not have to keep sitting in a tub filled with dirty after-bath water.

The walk in tub shower combination has the advantage of availing the pleasures of a shower while you are taking a bath. For taking a shower you don’t have to walk into a shower stall separately, and can have a shower in the tub itself. There are handheld faucets which are attached to these tubs which lets out a jet stream of water at the exact temperature that you would prefer, and hence gives you a complete therapeutic experience. The oxygen and the water combination provide a soothing massage which has medical and psychological benefits. The shower can open up the skin pores and relax the bunched up muscles, if used on certain points of the anatomy. It can help patients with arthritis and other joint related ailments. It assists in soothing and calming the mind, in turn resulting in a great sleep pattern. With old age most people face the problem of loss of sleep, and for them this bath shower combination just before bedtime can work wonders.

Today’s world is becoming more and more self oriented and more self satisfactory. The joint family system has broken up long ago, and most families are nuclear. In such a scenario, the people that suffer the most are the elderly people who hardly have anyone, like a family member who can assist them in their day to day activities. The walk in tub shower combination frees them of the stress of taking a bath as with a conventional tub, the prospect of a bath was a risky one. They don’t need anyone else’s assistance to take a bath or shower now, and can do it all themselves. Also, the burden on caregivers have lessened As these tubs are easy to use, easy to install, and easy to maintain.

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The author of this article, Nash Jeo, is in the business of bathroom remodeling and has witnessed the growing demand for walk in tub shower combination because of the various innovative features which are helpful to all.