WTS has been working for many years in water testing field and are serving you the best quality service with their trained and experienced employees, who have been working to give you a satisfactory result.

Working of WTS
The main purpose of the working of WTS laboratory is to test water samples and check their quality that either they are up to the parameters or not and what is more or less in the waters. They help to improve water quality and water treatments. WTS gives fast and accurate results in all kinds of circumstances. Employees are really very honest and hardworking towards their jobs and will give you the best results according to the standards and are always ready to help you whenever you need it.

Laboratory testing services
There are a lot of water laboratory testing services and some of them are as follows on which they make their analysis:
• Spa water
• Drinking water
• Swimming water
• Cooling towers
• Water installation
• Industrial processes
• Manufacturing processes
• Water used in cooling system etc.

These are some of the things on which WTS make their analysis and serve you their quality services.

Large number of testing and its types
There are three types of water testing that is done on water and these are as follows:
• Chemical testing
• Physical testing
• Microbiological testing

All 3 of these types are further divided into subcategories and these are as follows:

Chemical testing
There are total 11 types of chemical parameters that are used in water testing and analysis are as follows:
• PH
• Scales
• Metals
• Heavy metals
• Chlorine
• Nonmetals
• Redox potential
• Hardness
• Corrosion
• Dissolved oxygen

These are all 11 different types of chemical parameters that are used in testing of waters and make it more perfect for you.

Physical testing
There are some physical parameters too that are used in water testing and to make it better for you. So these parameters are as follows.
• Conductivity
• Sludge density
• Suspended solids
• Resistivity
• Effluent analysis
• Slit density index

These are 7 different types of parameters that are used in testing procedures to make the water according to standards and so that one can improve their quality also to make their customers healthy and happy.

Microbiological testing
In microbiological water testing the parameters here are used are given below:
• Total viable counts
• Coliforms
• E. coli
• Legionella bacteria
• Enterococci
• Staphylococcus aureus
• Pseudomonas aeruginosa

So these are the list of microbiological parameters for water testing these all 7 different types of microbiological parameters are used for different purposes.

Last verdict
Here from this article, you may have learned that how WTS has been working and what parameters they are using to give you the quality water and to keep you healthy and happy. The basic purpose of WTS is to keep their customers happy and to provide them with the best quality service with the help of their hard-working employees. They are very loyal to their work and can do anything to make you people healthy and safe and to provide you with the best quality service. They take water samples from you and make all necessary testing on it and then send you back at your address along with the whole kit. The amount of water that is required here for testing is 1 litre.

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