If they had a choice, most people would prefer to be deaf than blind. You cannot blame them; the society we live is visually oriented. No wonder there are more people seeking medical help for sight problems than for hearing problems. This notion that one sense is more important than the other is what causes many people to delay seeking help from hearing centers. This reason, coupled with the assumption that hearing aids are costly has adverse effects on an individual’s personal life. A study conducted by National Council on the Aging with regard to the role of hearing aids clearly demonstrates that the psychological, emotional, social and physical health of people with impaired hearing is significantly improved when they acquire hearing aids.

A hearing aid, since it facilitates interaction, enhances communication in relationships, simplifies the communication process, promotes intimacy and improves the wearer's earning potential. People will treat you differently when you are not like them and when you cannot perceive what they are saying, some may find it difficult to connect to you. Unless someone is aware of your condition, cases of discrimination and being ignored are common among those with hearing loss. In most cases, this is normal unpredictable human behavior, but with hearing aids, it can be avoided. Are you still at crossroads as to whether hearing aids are for you?
Think about the many times you have pretended to hear just to avoid telling those you are with that you are impaired, the frustration and anger you have to put up with when dealing with other people because you can only read their facial expressions but not hear what they are saying, feelings of paranoia because you are sure someone is talking behind your back but have nothing concrete to substantiate your suspicions leave alone prove that they actually said something.

It is impossible to quantify the positive impact that having a hearing aid has in one’s life whether the condition is severe, moderate or just mild. Even with these clear benefits, there are those whose sole worry is having strangers look at their ears because there is a strange device inside. Lawrence Hearing,a San Diego Hearing Aid Center can help with this; with hearing aids designs to suit every lifestyle, a hearing aid is not just a medical appliance, but an accessory. The sense of hearing is as important as eyesight or any of the other senses, and the secret to keeping it optimal is to visit a hearing center early.

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