You might have seen someone practicing martial arts, but you may not have any idea of the exercise benefits of martial arts. Many people, especially the young ones, grow up with martial arts as their first competitive activity. It not only keeps you physically active but it instills ethics and sense of achievement, as you work way up to get a black belt. Even if you don’t have any previous experience, then also it’s a great fitness program to pick up as an adult.

Here are different health benefits of learning martial arts.

1)Total body fitness It is a high-aerobic workout requiring every muscle group of your body to participate. Your flexibility, muscle tone, stamina, strength and balance – everything can be improved with martial arts.

2)Self confidence – Through implementing positive encouragement, goal setting and respect for values - martial arts enhances self confidence. Whether you’re in danger or doing a job that takes you beyond your normal comfort zone - by practicing martial arts you get more comfortable to handle every situation of life. You’ll be more confident about accomplishing everything you set your mind to.

3)Healthier lifestyle – As it involves whole body, tons of calories burn out during the classes. Also you’ll find that your normal eating habit becomes better regulated, food craving will fade away and as a result, you’ll be likely to east less.

4)Weight loss – This is another great benefit associated with participating in martial arts workout classes. By attending one hour of moderate intensity martial arts class, you can burn more or less 500 calories and you’ll be better on your way to weight loss regimen.

5)Better cardiovascular health – Researches have found that the actual way of improving your cardiovascular health is to practice activities that stress the heart muscle, for example, martial arts.

6)Improved focus – Apart from kicks and knees, and punches, true martial arts teaches to sit with yourself and see where your weakness lies. It helps you learn to be focused and calm.

7)Morals and values – Learning martial arts consistently helps you become less aggressive and impulsive. Calmness, patience and insight – these are three pre-requisites for Kung Fu. It helps building proper frame of mind, right attitude and virtues within you.

8)Enhanced mood – Participating in regular exercise schedule is one of the most effective ways to make your mood better. Practicing martial arts is not only good for reliving frustration and stress but also makes you feel good, happy and refreshed. Endorphins secreted by performing martial arts are likely to remain active even after a couple of house after exercising.

9)Stronger muscle – Practicing martial arts greatly improves your muscle mass. Higher muscle mass ensures better metabolic demands and as a result, your body will burn more calories and thus promotes weight loss. Better muscle mass also leads to better agility and so delays ageing.

10)Superior reflex – Participating in martial arts fitness programs helps you improve reflex; it also ensures better and faster reaction times during different activities of day-to-day life, for example - driving.
These are just some of many health benefits of participating in martial arts class.

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