Yes that’s right, I’m giving more of the fitness industry secrets away – for FREE! This information has massive financial value and some personal trainers will be cringing.

Some personal trainers have actually said to me “Rich why are you giving away all your inside secrets?” and I say “these are not my secrets to keep, this information is readily available, if you just know where to look, I’m just sharing my experiences with people and speaking in a language people can understand – plain English!”.

Burning fat is the key to getting the great physique you want, you all know that, but which exercises are best at stimulating the body into burning fat? As I have discussed in my previous article “Three Ways to FAST Healthy Fat Loss”, the main ways to encourage your body to burn fat are:
1. Natural Foods
2. Intense Strength Training
3. HIIT Training.

Now the three ways discussed in that article are general methods or approaches to lose weight. What I am going to tell you today is the actual detail behind the recommendation for number 2. “Intense Strength Training”.

The 5 Best “Intense Strength Training” Exercise Movements


1. Squat. This is one of the most important movements that your body makes. Having good leg strength and squat strength is useful in many situations. As you get older you will realise that sitting to standing is one of the challenges in life if you are out of shape. Women do not need to add weight to this exercise unless you want bigger legs that is!

2. Pull – Ups. Now this is a really hard exercise and one which you will need to build up to. When I say pull ups I mean wide, overhand grip. NOT narrow underhand grip, which would be a chin up. There are exercises such as the “lat pull down” or the “assisted pull ups” which will help you build up towards the normal pull ups. A seated row is also a good alternative until you can do pull ups.

3. Lunge or Single Leg Squat. Single leg exercises have been proved to recruit more of your muscle fibres as compared to all other leg exercise movements. Combine this fact with the benefits it adds by strengthening your thigh, buttock and hamstring muscles, and this exercise is a must in every routine.

4. Shoulder Press. Pressing exercises are very important, and the shoulder press is great as it uses lots of muscles. Stimulating the triceps, back, chest and trunk this movement requires balance and good technique. Ladies do not lift heavy weights over your head, as it will make your muscles bigger, light weights and mix in some press ups or tricep dips. Men, just build the weight as the technique allows. Mixing standing and sitting movements is good.

5. Leg Raises. Hanging leg raises or Roman Chair leg/knee raises are THE single most effective trunk workout if done correctly. This exercise calls upon all the muscles in your trunk to help out – your six pack, your core and your trunk muscles. If you raise your legs up then lower them slowly you will see better results.

If these exercises are not in your programme don’t worry. Start to work at a low level and build up to each exercise, making sure your technique is perfect. Bad technique could result in injury or even worse muscles which are uneven – one big arm and one skinny arm!! I see it all the time with people who have trained for years (on their own) thinking that their technique was ok!

Women. These exercises will tone up every muscle in your body, and leave you aching for days. You should do light weights or use your body weight. Warning - if you eat badly and do this type of training you WILL gain muscle and bulk up. Combine this with HIIT to get lean. Circuit training, muscle max, body pump, boot camp are all good options for women…they should include the above exercises, BUT NO HEAVY WEIGHTS!

Men. These exercises will give you an athletic toned look, hopefully just what you’re after! Do a full body workout three – four times per week to get good results. Combine with HITT and good food. One full body workout per week is also a nice addition to your usual routine. Great ‘new’ options for this type of training which also should include the above exercises are Boot Camp’s, Boxercise or Cross-Fit.

So that’s another value packed article which will help you get the results you want.

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