The best blog design is one that emphasizes the importance of the platforms most valuable assets which are the content and your readers! Many get caught up designing a blog that to them is a visual masterpiece however these designs also tend to make it harder for your readers to stay focused! The point is that people land on your site to view the content but if your layout is distracting they simply leave!

Here are 3 simple 'design' tips to help increase the chances your readers will stay focused thus allowing them to enjoy viewing the content you offer!

Keep Things 'Vanilla'

Many bloggers have designated pages intended for a specific purpose and when this is the case keep the design simple! It is not necessary to 'expose' visitors to a splash of colors or decorative trim when trying to communicate a single message! The glitz and glitter only tends to distract your readers which results in no messages being communicated whatsoever and your objectives being left unfulfilled!

Avoid 'Overboard' Colors

This can be a huge distraction and most especially if you're into using many bright colors in your blog layout! As mentioned above the excessive use of colors when designing a blog tends to make reading more of a challenge which is counter-productive to what most bloggers are trying to achieve! Developing quality material for posting takes time and effort so it makes little sense to sabotage your visitors ability to stay focused when trying to view it due to the rainbow of colors on your site!

Squeeze Page Principles

This concerns any opt in offers made to visitors who land on your platform whether it is for a free gift or to make a purchase! Always keep the message you want to send both clear and concise so as to avoid confusing people! The point is you want folks to stay focused on the message you are trying to communicate otherwise your efforts and your readers time have both been wasted! Keep it simple, to the point and don't be shy about giving visitors easy to understand instructions of what it is EXACTLY you want them to do!

To develop a loyal following the best blog design you can use is one that does NOT distract your readers from viewing your content! Creating a carnival-like atmosphere with multiple bright colors or 'giving' visitors too many things to do will only serve to compromise their ability to stay focused! When this occurs people are much more likely to leave without even reading what you wrote and this is NOT how to develop a loyal following! The 3 tips offered above for designing a blog that will not challenge your readers are meant to give people the chance to view your updates without distraction! Given this opportunity visitors can then decide for themselves if what you offer is something they want to return for in the future!

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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