Before going into details about the best choice in mowers for mulching, let’s get to know about mulching in some detail. Mowing the lawn has been a ritual for years for those who own a beautiful lawn in the backyard. But there are different mowing techniques like bagging and mulching. Nowadays bagging has been eradicated mostly and mulching is the usual choice.

Mulching is a process of layering the surface of lawn usually with organic ingredients like toppings of the grass to cut down the toxicity in the soil, retaining moisture, improving fertility and to give healthy and a greener look to the lawn.

In older times mulching or mowing the lawn was considered a very laborious task which would consume a good time of your day and also your body energy. However, over time this process has been made comparatively easier for everyone.

Today there are several mowers present in the market that are promising so many benefits and we are here to help you select the best brand that is not only highly equipped but also efficient.
Honda, it's a name that needs no introduction as it is been there for like ages and trusted. The Honda lawn mower mulching is a clear cut choice in this. Why? Let's have look.

• The Honda lawn mowers have perfect engines that cut out any need to apply physical pressure to mowers or your body to run it. They have a super-smart electrical starting which gets you ready for mulching in no time.

• Honda uses the most advanced technologies such as:
This technology helps to catch you breathe while mowing without turning off the engine but stopping the blades from rotating. So there is no need to restart the engine every time you stop to bag or to catch a breath.

Better control of the speed:
You can set the pace of the mower according to your preference with cruise control hydrostatic transmission which makes the mowing much less hectic. The speed is easily adjustable with a rotating knob.

• Another reason to opt for Honda is the better durability. There is not a single doubt that Honda is the name of persistence and highly functional. So what better choice would be there other than Honda?
• Honda mowers are installed with twin blades which not only helps to cut grass better and quicker but rather very finely which aids in better mulching, bagging and doesn't let the mulch to clump up the surface.
• There is no complicated assembling involved with the mowers.
• The mowers have four Ball bearing supported wheels which increases and smoothens out the mobility of the mower hence making it a lesser hectic task for the person who is moving too.
• Mowers come with the superior quality and an inclusive warranty.
• Honda is a vast network that has its branches all over and it is very easy to access any parts or staff for service support.

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