Marketing is the most important aspect of running a successful business, and the well-designed marketing strategies are considered vital for every business type. Do you agree? Earlier, businesses used marketing as an element to educate people about the recently launched products and/or services.

However, in today’s modern generation, the context of marketing has completely changed. Unlike in the old days, modern businesses have realized the power of marketing in selling their company’s products and/or services. It not only educates people regarding the company’s products and/or services, it will help you in generating sales, building positive customer relationships, better engaging with existing customers, and spreading the word about your business for new and potential customers’. In addition to this, modern day marketing will help businesses to reduce the cost of sales and distribution, reach out to the potential consumers easily, plan better marketing campaigns and strategies, build an effective communication channel, foster in the perfect product market research, and create an awareness for your business which can help you boost brand loyalty and increase sales numbers.

Do you wish to design effective marketing strategies for the promotion of your company’s products and services? Then, here are a few CRM strategies to boost your business marketing efforts:

1. Segment Leads, Prospects, and Customer Lists Effectively

CRM is a powerhouse of information. It contains invaluable data on your leads, prospects, potential customers’, existing customers’, and so on. You can use this information to properly segment your audience into various targeted and relevant groups based on the age, profession, average income, demographics, location, needs, preferences, tastes, personal details, and so on.

Why is segmentation so important? Take this, for example, You are running a restaurant and you serve the same food to all your customers. They would be happy with the taste of the food being served in your restaurant. No? Won’t they be right? At first, you need to identify your customers’ tastes, interests, and preferences to serve them the right food accordingly. For a better understanding, it is important for your business to have a complete 360-degree customer view.

In addition, segmenting customer data will enable your business to send email invitations to the groups of customers’ who are living at a closer distance to your new business store launch, or you could use the segmentation data for the up-sell and cross-sell of business opportunities.

This customer data segmentation will enable businesses to improve the sales conversation rates, provide a scope to identify your targeted audience base and prioritize and actively target new leads.

2. Use Personalization Tokens to Personalize Your Marketing Emails

Did you ever receive marketing or promotional e-mails from a company which was so well-written and personalized that you don’t even realize that it was an automated email?

The magic behind those amazing and personalized marketing emails is the usage of personalization tokens. In other words, the personalized tokens are also called email tokens. But, how can you write the personalized promotional emails? At first, try to write a generic email that can be sent to all email addresses on the list. The only difference is that the details of each email changes with the change in the name of the recipient. You can use personalization tokens or email tokens to add to any field, say for e.g.:-: name, profession, age, etc. in your email content. These personalization tokens take the information from your CRM system and seamlessly insert it into the custom fields, which allows you to send personalized marketing emails to your potential audience groups.

3. Improves the Collaboration between Marketing and Sales

By effectively utilizing the CRM solution, you will revamp a better interaction and collaboration between the sales and marketing departments. In addition, the system will ensure that no lead slips through the funnel.
You can mitigate or eliminate all the issues by constructively using the CRM solution. Initially, a CRM system is a huge benefit for the marketing team, as it allows them to have a clear idea on how old a lead is, as well as allowing you know how many days, months, and hours back a lead has been created in the CRM system.

A CRM solution enables the marketing team to take accountability in providing the scores to each individual lead and quantifying the lead as per their interests, tastes, preferences, behavior, buying patterns, etc. The usage of a CRM system enables the marketing team to hold major responsibility in generating a specific number of leads, allowing them to send those qualified leads to the sales department where they need to work hard in converting a particular lead to a customer.

A CRM system will help the marketing team to become more productive, organized, and profitable. Does your business use a CRM system to generate sales ready leads? No? Then, it’s time to implement the solutions of a CRM system in your business today, for creating the revenue generation marketing campaigns as well as producing high-quality leads.

Author's Bio: 

Emma James is a freelance content writer at SutiCRM, who frequently blogs on Business, Marketing, Sales, ERP and SaaS trends.