At times while it is quite difficult to understand, we call or refer to the best feng shui position in the bedroom as the command position. This command position imposes the best feng shui position and it just doesn’t involve the bedroom, but it also comprises or includes business like your building or office where you work.

According to the guidelines about the best locations on this Chinese system, it clearly declares that you must not have your office or workstation in your bedroom so set aside those PCs and try to replace it with the best feng shui position. The concept behind this is that resting and working do not go in harmony with each other and as such, it gives gives rise to certain negative energies which affect you and possibly also the fact that except you are richly independent, you likely do not have that huge of a bedroom that you could place both a desk and computer as well as a bed in the best feng shui position.

It is said in some of the guidelines in this practice is that-- if you cannot see the door from your bed, that you keep away from issues and could be freely be hurdled with different stresses and life could easily daze you. The best feng shui position is in placing your bed so that it’s in line with with the entrance door of your room, as this would invite a more positive ambiance which carries with it some positive energies about it.

The good feng shui position for your bed is of chief importance because in modern society, it is not uncommon having a TV or even a computer inside the bedroom. In addition, it is also believed that the great feng shui location could actually, relieve irritability, some stresses, and even certain health problems or difficulties.

If you could accomplish all of these through a simple repositioning of your bed to give way to a greater feng shui location, it is highly recommended that you should at least give it a try. And because many of us can relate to having just small bedrooms, it is a very usual circumstance that it is often quite a challenge to even attempt to place the bed in the optimum feng shui location.

It could actually cause some unnecessary problems and certain inconveniences due to limitations in the space available. It is very essential not to place your bed on the very same wall with the bathroom, kitchen, shower as well as any other ‘active’ items that may be on that same wall.

Try to attempt in investing in your finest interior decorating endeavor to arrange or coordinate the greatest location in feng shui also to receive the optimal benefits and advantages even if it would mean taking the TV out of your bedroom! Consequently, if you try following all these guidelines and tips given, you would be sure to generate a more balanced atmosphere and welcome harmony in your offices or in your homes.

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