Are you just starting your gym journey? Do you plan on starting your journey soon? There are several important things you should consider and make sure you do. You want to make sure you remain healthy, uninjured, and effective. Today I am covering the best gym advice for beginners.

Going to the gym is not complicated. It does not have to be. The gym does not have to be scary or nerve wracking. With this information you will be able to conquer your gym fears, be effective with your workouts and prevent injuries.

It's You Vs You
My first advice is going to be simple and direct. STOP worrying about what anyone else is thinking, doing, or staring. Get in your zone and zone everyone out. Don’t forget that everyone started at some point. It is important to remember this. The following is a quote I stuck too whenever I would get anxiety or worried about “looking stupid”
“Every Champion Was Once A Beginner”
So no matter where you are in your journey – don’t forget, we were all there before.

Become a Student Of Yourself
Second is going to be another straight forward rule. Become a student. What I mean by this look around and for information on aspects that you want to improve. That includes warm-ups, workouts, diets & all of the important thing. Remember you are unique, and you are not like everyone else. A diet that may work for you may not work for me and vice versa. So remember that this is a journey & the more you learn the more you can try. This way you’ll be able to know what works best for you.

For example, I find that carb cycling for me is the best. I also know that Dumbbells stimulate my muscles the most. I know that I need 9 hours of sleep to be 100% effective at the gym. All these little details I researched and became a student of the craft & of my body. I became self-aware.

Warm-Up & Stretch…Make It A Habit
This one is very important if you are looking to workout and be active for a extended period of time. It’s easy to want to jump straight into the workout and exercises. You must have some discipline and make it a habit to warm up and stretch – especially before your workout.

This can save your body, save you money, & save you time. Imagine you get injured and have to miss the gym for months & what if this could have been avoided by simply warming up. Trust me in the grand scheme of things warming up may seem like a waste of time, but as a beginner you need to make a priority!


I mean really? Those three things I shared with you are SO simple. Yet they are so overlooked by beginners. The biggest thing you must do is silence your mind and just take action.

It is easy to workout and be fit. It is all about routine. Bodybuilding and fitness is all about routine. Once you get into your routine, it becomes easy as pie. Don’t forget to warm up, become a student and beat yourself. If you can follow this advice – I guarantee you that you will be successful as a beginner in the gym.

Today we covered the 3 rules that I think are important when giving advice for beginners. If you think there are any more important rulest – what do you think they are? Remember – you are a beginner now, but eventually you will be a PRO!
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