Having a healthy heart is not an easy thing to achieve nowadays. In the modern society, a lot of things we easily do are potentially endangering our hearts to succumb to plenty of lifestyle diseases. To add to that, people think that cardio exercise takes a lot of time and effort to boost the wellness of their hearts and bodies. The good news is you don't have to worry about that anymore. There is a lot of fun and easy-to-do cardio exercises that you can do in the comfort of your own home.

Jolly Jumping Jacks. This exercise not only works out your heart but also your entire extremities. Before you do this, make sure that no breakable object is within arm's reach. To begin the exercise, stand uprightly on a non-slip platform. Next, move to jump at a comfortable height while moving your legs apart and clapping your hands above your head. You can do as many repetitions as you can tolerate or you can do this for a timed duration. When doing jumping jacks, be sure to make your movements quick and tight.

Jump Rope Jest. If you don't have a jump rope then you can still have a jump rope exercise routine using your creativity. You can use hand grips, or nothing at all, to simulate the traditional jump rope exercise. Start by assuming an upright standing position. Using your toes as the thrust point, jump and swing your hands in a circular motion as if you were holding a real jump rope. Remember to pin your elbows to your torso to keep your arm swings quick and snappy. You can do this for 30 minutes or as you desire.

Jog n' Box in Place. The concept of this routine is to feel the work of two cardio exercises in one setting. Jogging and Air Punches are good exercises to combine since they involve different extremities in order for you to execute them. The routine is simple. Begin by jogging in place and incorporate some straight punches to your front. Bring your hands back to your side with your elbows flexed. You can set intervals for jogging and throwing punches or you can do it simultaneously. Do this for 30 minutes or more depending on your preference.

You see, cardio exercises can still be done at home. However, if you want to have variations in the routines that you want to do, then you can install your own personal fitness equipment in your home. Home fitness equipment may help you further by providing you more work load to exercise your heart muscles. Having your own equipment for cardio exercises would also be more economical and more convenient than frequenting the gym to do the same thing.

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