You need to be very careful when using Mandoline slicer for creating beautiful dishes, one careless swipe and the fingers are gone. They make cutting vegetables easy and are quite convenient. Buying a mandoline that focuses on safety is the best way to be. Creating perfectly uniform, thinly sliced vegetables is an art not everyone can master, especially if you don’t have a good Mandoline slicer. We have ranked the best mandolin slicer of 2019 after we tested this slicer ourselves and I must say 10pickup is one of the best places to buy great kitchen essentials.

Top Mandoline Slicer

1.SwissmarBorner V Power Mandoline:

The tastier the dish looks the more the chance of eating it. Including veggies in the meal is the best way to eat healthily. Use SwissmarBorner V Power Mandoline to create creative and innovative dishes. You can cut the foods in up to 10 different ways with the help of three various inserts (a 3.5mm blade, a 7mm blade, and a thin/thick insert). You can also adjust the thickness of the cut with the help of a push-button adjustment. It is made up of a durable ABS plastic frame and has food safety holder.

2.KitchenAid Adjustable Hand-Held V-Blade Mandoline Slicer:

Even hard potatoes can be sliced smoothly with the help of KitchenAid MandolineSlicer. The five thickness setting (1/4 inch to 1/32 inch) can be changed easily with just a twist of a knob. It comes with a finger guard to protect the fingers of the user. The easy-to-slice vegetable slicer doesn’t even need too much pressure. Also, you can easily change the thickness of the slicer.

3.Kyocera Advanced Ceramic Double-Edged Mandoline:

The multifold Mandoline slicer comes with a ceramic, rust-proof blade. You can choose the thickness of the cut between four available options i.e. 0.5mm, 1.3mm, 2mm, and 3mm. The ergonomic handle allows easy handling of the mandoline slicer. It is pocket-friendly as well as highly durable. Though there are no extra blades the already attached blades are capable of doing most of the work. You can easily wash the mandoline with hand. The hand guard ensures that your hand never gets near to the blade.

4.No-Frills BenrinerMandoline:

The straight blade can easily cut even the hard potatoes and cabbage into thin slices. You can adjust the thickness of the cut with the help of a bolt. Though cutting thick slices of sweet potatoes would require more energy even with these sharp blades. There are multiple thicknesses to adjust. If you’re a professional chef or an expert cook, then this one is for you.

5.Progressive International PL8-1000 PL8:

The integrated blade can cut any fruits and vegetables very precisely. The advanced blade adjustments allow you to adjust the thickness of the cut anywhere between 1mm to 7.5mm. With just a quick turn, you can create thin and thick waffle cuts. The finger guard allows you to easily cut the fruits and vegetables without your finger even getting near to the blade. Also, the mandoline slicer is dishwasher safe.

6.OXO 1155700 Good Grips V-Blade:

If you’re looking for an easy-to-use versatile mandarine slicer, then OXO is for you. The four sharp blades allow you to make straight slices, julienne strips, crinkle cuts, and French fries. Just like other mandoline slicers, it also allows you to cut the fruits and vegetables in a variety of thicknesses. If you’re worried about the food sticking to the surface, then you shouldn’t because the textured surface never allows the food to stick. Also, the soft handles make it easy-to-use.

7.Mueller Austria V-Pro Multi-Blade Adjustable Mandoline Slicer:

German-engineered stainless steel blade can cut even the hardest potatoes without much pressure from hand. You can slice fruits and vegetables anywhere between the thickness of 1mm and 9mm. The mandolin slicer is made up of durable food-safe reinforced ABS plastic and 100% BPA-free food grade. The best part of this Mandoline is it comes with a full lifetime warranty.

8.Premium V-Blade Mandoline Slicer:

If you’re a busy person who doesn’t have much time to prepare food, then Chef’s inspiration Premium V-Blade Mandoline slicer is only for you. It can reduce your cooking time by 50%. Made with premium quality blades, this mandoline slicer will last for a long time. It comes with 6 different blades and the non-slip rubber makes it safe to use. The user-friendly mandoline slicer has an excellent performance.


Mandoline slicers can change the way you prepare foods in your kitchen. A powerful slicer has the capability to reduce food preparation time by almost 50%. Before you make the final purchase, make sure that the features of mandoline meet your requirements. All the mandoline slicers mentioned above are rated as best sellers.

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