The popularity of protein shakes cannot be denied. Despite the fact that there are no conclusive studies that document their long-term effects as of yet, many individuals seeking to build muscle have guzzled up on protein shakes to meet their different needs. Bodybuilders find that these supplements help them in their quest to gain muscle while those on a diet find that these easy-to-prepare shakes are convenient alternatives to whole meals. Unfortunately, most protein beverages available in the market today are not really healthy. They are full of sugars that only serve to undo any potential health benefit their other ingredients may have. Plus, they also have preservatives that are never good for the health. To ensure that you get the healthiest protein shake for building muscle, it would be to your best interest to make your own homemade version. This way, you are assured that all the ingredients you put in are good for you.

Before you begin making your protein shake for building muscle, make sure that you have a heavy duty blender, particularly if you are going to be making this beverage on a regular basis.

The main ingredient of your shake should be protein. Now there are still good protein powders in the market that do not have too much sugar or fat content-- the key is for you to read the label carefully. You can use milk instead of water to give your shake a creamier texture and better taste. Depending on your caloric needs and level of exercise intensity, you can choose from a wide variety available, from whole milk, low fat milk or skim milk. If you are a vegetarian, you can also opt for soy milk. A good ratio to follow is about two cups of milk for every scoop of powder.

If you are making a protein shake for building muscle to drink after a workout session, then you can add fruit such as berries to help restore depleted energy and help you build muscle. You can also use oatmeal if you like. Taking in protein shakes with carbohydrates also helps facilitate muscle building. Don't forget to include a little fat into your shake. By simply adding a little flax oil, you increase your body's chances of producing testosterone which is crucial to helping you build muscle. Other sources of healthy fat that you can put in your shake are nuts such as walnuts, peanuts and almonds. You can also add avocado oil or a little bit of the fruit itself to help meet your fat content. If you have nothing but fish oil as a fat source, you can also use it but be prepared for a "fishy" taste to your shake. Finally, you can put in other vitamin and mineral supplements in it as well. Some health stores may have these in powder form which you can easily pour into the mix. If they don't, then you can always crush them before including them in your muscle-building blend. Follow these simple tips and you can make your own muscle-building, nutrient-rich shake.

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