Hygiene is essential for good health. Most of us prioritize personal hygiene, but besides that, we should also strive to keep our surrounding spaces clean and free of germs like bacteria and viruses to protect ourselves from diseases. Moreover, nicely cleaned spaces with some eco-friendly disinfectant shall also have a great impact in improving our moods and mental health condition.

The need for eco-friendly disinfectants

Important to note, is that most of the disinfectants in the market comprise of at least dozens of chemicals, which could be a problem if you’ve got children in your homes who would pick up anything from anywhere or could take to mouth their hands after touching these surfaces cleaned with chemical disinfectants. Also, these chemical substances could end up to eventually be washed into the garden areas, backyards, etc. where they would cause soil pollution.

Therefore, most people are realizing the need to use some eco-friendly disinfectant in their home which would be free of the above-discussed issues.

Best Natural Disinfectants to use in homes

Thankfully, there are many substances commonly found in your kitchen or grocery stores which you could use to make a cleaner and disinfectant at your home. Besides being naturally made, having a fragrant smell, it would also save you costs of spending on cleaners and would be a fun activity to make and apply in a different part of your home.

• Vinegar

Present in everyone’s kitchen as an excellent cooking ingredient, this biodegradable liquid is also a great eco-friendly disinfectant which can kill about 4/5th of the germs. It can clean sweat-stains from clothes, dishes, rusty tools, and also deposits of hard-water from surfaces. Normally, vinegar contains about 5% acetic acid, but you can also find one with a higher concentration for higher germ-killing ability.

• Tea tree oil

This is a fragrant essential oil which can be used as a powerful natural disinfectant. Mixing 30 drops in a vinegar/water for a 650 ml solution and using as a spray would work well not only as a surface cleaner as an eco-friendly sanitizer.

• Lavender Oil

Another essential oil with a sweet summer smell, lavender oil which is known for muscle-relaxant properties, can also be used as an all-purpose cleaner. For great a great floor-cleaning, it should be used with water-dilute vinegar.

• Hydrogen peroxide

Oxygen bleach or hydrogen peroxide, a great natural and biodegradable compound can be effectively used as an eco-friendly disinfectant for laundry, kitchen, bathroom, kids toys, and greasy pots and pans. Using it at a concentration of 3% from a spray is ideal.

• Thyme Oil

With absolutely no ill-effects on the health, thyme oil is a great killer of the food-borne organisms such as salmonella. You should add it to washing water when you do the dishes or clean cutting boards, utensils or your kitchen island.

• Hypochlorous acid

Hypochlorous acid, regarded as an engineered water category product, is also a good option for cleaning and disinfecting. Neutral in pH, HOCL can be safely used as it poses on risk for eyes, skin, or respiratory organs. A trending and impressive method of applying this disinfectant on surfaces is by using electrostatic sprayers.

• Alcohol

Don’t throw the remaining alcohol in the glasses into the sink just like that, instead, save it for some cleaning of the bar area itself afterwards. Mix the alcohol with equal parts water and use it as a natural disinfectant. Vodka is preferably a better choice for cleaning.

• Baking soda

Baking soda is also a deoxygenating agent and thus can be effectively used as an eco-friendly disinfectant. The best way is to mix two tablespoons of it into a mixture of 4 parts water and ¼ part vinegar. The above discussed essential oils and lemon juice can also be added for the best results.

Note that these are disinfectants, and though some of these can be used to clean stains, it is better to use a cleaner first and then apply any of the natural disinfectant. If these substances are not easily available to you or you don’t have the time to make these, you can also go for a readymade product from Clean Republic. These are non-toxic as well as effective for attaining a healthy and pathogen-free environment.

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