At Apple Seeds, Nursery / Play School in Faridabad, we are determined by the worth of 'love' and esteem. The programmes are an expression of the real beliefs. The curriculum gives learning experiences to expand your child's thoughts and hone age-suitable skills. We focus on the commitment to professional development allow us to continuously boost our learning process to give advantage to the little tots.

In day care in faridabad, the kids are introduced to proper curriculum and here they begin with the deep groundwork of education. Kids are trained special patterns such as standing line, slanting line, sleeping line, forward curve as well as backward curve. These are about to the pre writing skills. Kids perform these styles by carried out the rainbow writing on the models which turn the learning quite easy as well as interesting.

For every pattern, special worksheets are offered, there are special practice books particularly planned by the Apple Seeds which assists in developing their superior motor skills. It is a class where kids learn how to read and write and the pattern of alphabets.

Phonic drill is completed different times in a day which done many times in a day which assists in making their speaking as well as listening proficiency. Kids are trained to hold pencils in a right way. Every alphabet is qualified with the pattern and action is done therefore. Drawing is completed as per the curriculum offered focus is given on colouring and craft action is completed by the students with the assistance of the teacher.

To create confidence in kids at the time of the morning assembly they are known on stage and are asked to perform rhyme or to talk on a topic previously taught. Children take pleasure in swings as well as slides at the time of the games period.

At the time of session ends with Play School in Faridabad Sec 21, 15, 8, the kids are quite clear with the understanding, reading, writing and taking dictations. We let them learn alphabets A to Z, cursive (small) a to z, numbers 1 to 100 and swar and vyanjan.

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Apple Seeds Pre School / Play School in Greater Faridabad has a vision to provide a learning environment to every child using a holistic curriculum. We provide a structured learning which is full of fun.