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Tragedies never come with a warning and while we never wish for a tragedy to happen, being prepared for it is always a wise decision. Unforeseen incidents like illness, injury, loss of movable and immovable assets, even death may leave one’s family financially and emotionally drained. Insurance provides the financial security during life and after death. The Covid-19 pandemic only pronounced this need louder than ever.

Insurance helps in mitigating losses and ensures financial security to the investor while keeping the flow of trade moving continuously.

With number of insurance companies mushrooming every year, it has spoilt people for choice. Here is where insurance advisors make their entry guiding the investor through their investment journey, beginning from the company to choose and the best suited plan. The insurance advisor is a significant entity for your insurance investments. They bridge the gap between insurance companies and policy holders. Despite insurance policies being available online, it has not eliminated the need or importance of an insurance advisor.

Our latest edition of Insights Success, TheBest of 5 Insurance Advisors, throws light on how these companies stand out from the rest, what strategies they have employed for the benefit of the client and for their growth, and what it takes to be the best.

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