What is the ideal husband like? Some are wearing a suit and tie battling over the corporate world, while some are in coveralls with safety gears building and manufacturing, others are just casually doing businesses to provide the needs of their loved ones. Getting a job or working is inevitable for men these days. No matter what type of a man your husband is, it can be difficult to get the right gifts for him. However, you don’t have to keep on looking no more, because we are here to talk about the best leather made Phone Holsters (a gift any husband would really appreciate) for all kinds of husband.


Cell Phone Pouch for an Outdoorsy Husband

Camping, trekking, Hunting, hiking, boating, sporting, fishing, surfing – a husband is more likely would partakes in some of these or perhaps all of these activities. When you husband is out with his friends venturing and enjoying the great outdoors, it is necessary to have his phone close to his body, safe and secured. This is one of the good reason why it is very important to have a handy belt pouch - holds a phone easy to access, offers great protection from elements while wearing it compact on waist with a belt, wearing crossbody, or clip-on to places convenient for your husband. Check out our latest phone accessories products which protect iPhones and Galaxy or any other devices while blending in with the outdoors.


Industrial Husband’s Handy Phone Holster

Whether your husband serves daily wearing a uniform or working in a daily basis grinding in an industrial field, our industrial Phone holster cases at the top of the competition and it stays competitive in the market due to their reliability and durability. For fire fighters, rescue service, police, construction workers, contractors and more who need a handy holster to keep things on their waist or belt all day long, while giving protection from water, dirt and to resist wear and tear from the daily rigorous work environment. Our industrial holster cases are compatible with wide screened large sized smartphones with case on, so your husbands phone can have proper amount of protection, for in any field of work.


Leather Holsters for Professional Husband

Is your husband, always anxious on missing a call? We have considered this in making our Phone holsters to keep smartphones close and accessible at all times, missing a call is never going to be impossible. Whether your man has an iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, One plus, Google Pixel, LG or any other smart phone, we’ve got it covered, our holster cases are designed to fit his needs. For men style has the same importance as functionality, for them and their phones to look good. Our leather made belt clip holster can please any professional or executive husband today.  


Everybody should man wear a leather belt pouch. For one thing, it would make wearing a phone holster seem less conspicuous. But more importantly, it's just a superior way for the average pant-wearing husband to carry their phone. Here's a quick rundown of ways your life will improve from wearing a phone holster:


A wide screened smartphone is less likely to break when being sat on if it is in a Phone Pouch. Although phones are reinforced nowadays to avoid such but its never an assurance, because the pressure from jeans or weight might cause the millimeter-thin steel casing on a phone to bend.


You are less likely to take out your phone and hold your phone or move from one pocket to another when you sit down. Wearing a holster gives convenience to your husband of not taking out their phone when at work or just when sitting in couch.


Fashion is always changing. Sometimes I men wears shorts where a holster would be the only option to keep a phone. Sometimes when running around catching up a dead lines or wondering the outdoors where a holster is the only way to keep your phone safe.


Conclusion, for husbands because a holster is just the best solution for carrying phones. It's more comfortable than the in pockets; it's more likely to get attention with an urgent notification than if it were in your husbands purse or murse, and it's much easier to get access when in meetings.


NOTE: a phone might be OK in some kinds of pants, but it can easily ruin the line or hang of a good suit. For this situation, phone holsters in suits, are placed behind the jacket/coat where it wouldn't be noticed, is the best option.


With years of manufacturing specializing leather and nylon products Hengwin, offers a wide selection of Phone Holsters and Pouches. Imagine your Husband more handsome in wearing  premium high quality leather made smartphone accessories, which he can wear however they want. This make it the perfect gift to show how much you love and appreciate a hardworking husband.

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