The New Year's Eve will be celebrated all around the world in a few weeks. During the days, people are looking to get the best places to visit to celebrate their new year's eve on 31st of December. People want to celebrate the New Year's night of 2019 by joining the all-night parties, traditional desert barbecues in the middle east and the famous fireworks of the United Arab Emirates.

Here is a guide for your on how you can enjoy and what are the best places to celebrate New Year's Eve in the middle east.

The Burj Khalifa, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

The Burj Khalifa, also called Burj Al Khalifa is the most famous place in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates for an extravagant New Year’s Eve. If you want to enjoy the inspiring explosions of fireworks all night, then the tallest building of the world, Burj Al Khalifa is the best place where you can spend your New Year's Eve.

The celebration at Burj Khalifa is one of the biggest celebrations of New Year in the Middle East. Thousands of people gather around the Dubai Mall and other places to enjoy the amazing fireworks explosions at the night of 31st December.

The Emirates Palace Hotel, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

UAE is famous for the fireworks of the New Year and after Burj Khalifa, the Emirates Palace Hote in Abu Dhabi is the best place to spend the New Year's Eve. To watch the New Year's fireworks at the Emirates Palace Hotel, the main boulevard or the nearby corniche are the best spots as these spots provide the full view of fireworks. Most of the people at this place are outsiders who gather here to enjoy the New Year's celebrations.

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Martyrs Square, Beirut, Lebanon

If we talk about the countries of the Middle East other than Dubai, then in Lebanon, Beirut is a place which is famous in that it is a city which never sleeps. On the 31st of December, every hotel, rooms, every bar, restaurants, and public squares are filled with the thousands of people who gather there to enjoy the celebrations of the New Year. If you want to enjoy the late night parties with the local Lebanese then Martyrs Square is the best place. At midnight, you can also see the sparkling bright colored Christmas tree which looks great in the fireworks.

Bhosphorous Bridge, Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul is known to be a romantic city of Turkey and its Bhosphorous Bridge is a place which is best to see the fireworks of the new year night. The celebrations of the New Year 2019 night can be seen everywhere from this famous bridge of Istanbul, Turkey. The beautiful and quiet river looks beautiful during the night and it makes this place the most romantic spot to spend the New Year's Eve in the Middle East.

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