The swimming pool season is fast approaching! Below are some pool supplies that every pool owner should purchase for the summer season in the USA.

A Mesh Leaf Cover- Most people think that these mostly come in handy for fall, when the leaves are coming, during summer, high-quality mesh covers can be a lifesaver! Thinking how? All of that grass! When you’re mowing your grass so often, you’re bound to get a lot of blades blown into the pool, and then you have to spend your precious time and effort to get them out from the pool. All of that grass can put a strain on your skimmer and pool filter and you will be cleaning out your skimmer basket more frequently than before. Mesh covers are available on best pool supply store Phoenix and it can keep that grass and other summer trimmings out of your water and it’s cleaning is much easier. Just lift off the cover and you’ve removed all of the grass from your pool!

Fun Pool Lights- Summer’s a great reason to throw a pool party! Trade out your regular lights and get digital led lights that come in different colors and that colors also change. You can program them to alternate colors in certain patters for fun light shows. This will make you nighttime swimming a blast and you can even play games to go along with your light shows.

Pool Alarm- Summer brings not only an influx of wanted visitors but also unwanted visitors too. Not only there will be plenty of animals looking to cool off maybe some neighbors who think they will want to take a dip while you’re out for a vacation. Pool alarms monitor the surface tension of your water and when it breaks as someone enters into the pool, it sends off an alarm. This will keep unwanted visitors away from running.

Update any Outdated Appliances- A lot of pool owners say, summers are the right time. When you have so many swimmers, it’s good to have your system in the best possible condition before anything happens. Inspect everything from leakage to broken pipes, make sure your pool clean is working efficiently and your installed filter is at the top of its game, along with any other pool supplies so that your pool will look beautiful all season!

At best pool supply store Phoenix you can purchase green product options in a filter, pool pump, and heater. Green models are not only good for your environment but also you can save money.

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Nancy Smith is an American author.