After a stressful time at work or at home, you should consider unwinding and recharging your batteries. You will find a strenuous activity, a warm weather or a hectic schedule very stressful. After dealing with these energy-zapping activities, you might feel completely worn out. Hence, you might end up feeling lifeless and bogged down.

Pamper yourself by basking in the refreshing taste of a delightful drink. Frozen margarita is truly perfect to relieve stress; the cool and smooth drink can instantly soothe your tired mind and body. Thus, there is no need to spend on some luxurious spa for relaxation. You can simply stay at home and prepare a pleasant drink for you.

Here are some easy and delightful recipes for frozen margarita. Try each and feel completely satisfied.

Strawberries for Frozen Margarita

Enjoy the delightful taste of fresh strawberries in this frozen margarita recipe that will keep you cool and satisfied.

Tequila, 1 1/2 oz.
Limejuice, 1 oz.
Orange liqueur (Triple Sec), 1 oz.
Crushed ice, 1/2 cup
Fresh strawberries, halved


1. Begin by washing the strawberries. Then, drain the excess water.
2. Use a blender to combine all the ingredients. Mix the orange liqueur, tequila and the limejuice.
3. Process the contents for a few minutes until blended well.
4. Put in aboutfive pieces of strawberries.
5. Place the lid once again and continue processing to crush all the contents.
6. When the mixture has turned slushy or frothy in appearance, the margarita is ready.
7. Wipe the rim of two margarita glasses using a lime wedge. Put some coarse salt on the rim.
8. Transfer the blended mixture into each glass. Garnish with a lime wedge.
9. Serve immediately while still very cold.

Watermelon and Chili on Frozen Margarita

Give the drink an interesting appeal by putting in some pureed watermelon and chili powder in the drink.

Sugar, 2 tablespoons
Fresh limes, juiced
Fresh lime wedge, use for garnishing
Watermelon (cubed), 4 cups
Tequila, 8 oz.
Triple Sec, 5 oz.
Coarse salt, 3 tablespoons
Chili powder, 1 teaspoon


1. In a blender, put in the cubed watermelon and sugar. Process the contents slowly until the watermelon turns into a puree.
2. Strain the puree to remove the residue.
3. Pour the mixture into a pitcher. Pour in the tequila, Triple Sec (about 4 oz.) and the limejuice.
4. Blend well by stirring continuously.
5. In a small dish, combine the course salt and the chilli powder.
6. Get another dish and pour the remaining amount of Triple Sec. Use it to wet the rim of each of the four margarita glasses.
7. Put the chilli and salt on the rims of the wetted glasses.
8. Pour the margarita into each glass. You may choose to garnish the glass with a lime wedge
6. Serve cold.

These great recipes for frozen margarita will surely make a perfect companion if you just wish to chill or relax. Try these now and enjoy the delightful taste that each recipe has.

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