Chicken is a highly nutritious meat that is rich in protein. It is also a good choice of meat for those who are trying to lose weight. Simply remove the skin to lessen the amount of fat. Hence, you can delight on a protein-rich and low-fat meat that you can use in several recipes.

Whether you are preparing breakfast, lunch, dinner or snacks, you can use chicken in a variety of dishes. This meat is perfect when mixed with vegetables, fruits or eaten on its own. If you want the use the meatiest portion of the chicken, you might want to prefer the breast part. You can purchase this in supermarkets with or without the bone. If you are making sandwiches, kabobs or grilled recipes, you should purchase filleted chicken breast. This will save you much time from separating the meat from the bone. However, soup recipes will taste better if you use chicken breast with the bone. The bone adds a rich taste to the stock, thus making the soup appetizing and savoury.
Here are some recipe ideas if you are looking for ways to cook dishes using chicken breast. You can enjoy a delightful snack, appetizer or main course that features this meaty part of the chicken.

Chicken Kabobs
This dish is common during parties as a finger food. You can create a spicy, sweet or peppery taste on the kabobs by using a variety of ingredients for the marinade. Skewered chicken or kabobs are easy to prepare and cook. You only need to prepare the marinade and coat the meat well with it. Marinating for 2 hours or more will allow the flavour to stick well to the meat; hence, this delightful treat takes on a fabulous taste and aroma.

Use chicken breast fillet when making kabobs. Cut it into cubes to make it just the right size when threading in the skewers. Include a bunch of fruits and vegetable such as pineapple, kiwi, bell peppers and onion; these will make the dish not only yummy but nutritious, as well.

Chicken Noodle Soup
You might consider making chicken noodle soup as an appetizer for your everyday meals. This fabulous dish features a variety of vegetables and seasonings mixed along the noodles and the chicken. You will love the rich taste and warmth that it brings with your every sip. For this recipe, purchase chicken breast that comes with a bone; this will give the soup an interesting taste and aroma.

Chicken Sandwiches
Make every snack time very healthy by preparing delicious sandwiches packed with nutrients. You may simply grill or fry the chicken breast fillet. Then, add in several vegetables inside the bread or the wrap. You may include lettuce, slices of tomatoes, cucumber and pickles. To give the sandwich an even more interesting aroma and flavour, you might consider spreading some dressing on the sandwich. The common ones are mayonnaise, ranch dressing and mustard.

These are only a few ideas on how to use chicken breast in several recipes. Try these food suggestions and make every meal a delight with the protein-rich goodness of chicken.

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