The best-selling medical supplies are usually those that are used most frequently and which are employed in a variety of situations rather than in specialized settings or particular health conditions. Best selling medical supplies are often times disposable and therefore are bought more often. Basic care medical supplies are often times found in highly visible areas.

Most medical facilities, even those providing only emergency services, need to have a basic array of medical supplies. These supplies make up the overall needs of a typical medical situation. If one were to perform a search online to find the best-selling medical supplies, frequently listed on wholesale medical supplies distributors' web pages, the list would include some of the below mentioned items. If one were to ask a doctor or a health practitioner they would learn more about the most common types of medical supplies.

IV and general purpose catheters. These are flexible tubes that are used as pipelines for infusions or blood transfusions, or, in case of general purpose catheters, to remove waste products from the digestive, urinary system and wounds. General purpose catheters are used when the natural pathway of waste products, such as urine or feces, is not accessible or is bypassed due to surgical reasons.

Syringes and needles. These are basic medical supplies used for injecting drugs or vaccines. They come in a variety of sizes and needle lengths according to the specific purpose. Injections are the most rapid way of delivering drugs into the bloodstream for a quick and effective action, so it makes perfect sense that these items are best-selling medical supplies.

Bandages, wound filler materials, adhesive strips and medical tape. Wounds and minor traumas are one of the most frequent medical occurrences. In order to prevent contamination or infection, a wound is cleaned, disinfected and bandaged. Aside from general medical settings, sports and military medical facilities are especially notorious consumers of these medical supplies.

Antiseptics. These are essential medical supplies used to disinfect wounds, injection sites and surgical incision areas. The most commonly used antiseptics include alcohol, alcohol-iodine solutions, also known as tincture of iodine, boric acid, hydrogen peroxide solution and providone-iodine, also known as Beta dine. The former is currently considered one of the safest and most effective antiseptics because of its broad anti-bacterial effects.

The items listed above make up a small representation of the number of medical supplies found in common health facilities. In a first aid kit one could find a variety of common first aid items such as badges, gauze, antiseptics, disposable stitches and over the counter paid medications. All of these products can be bought at local stores and online. These products can be grouped together with a bag or satchel allowing for easier access. Because the best selling medical supplies are fundamental to the care of wounds they can be found in nearly every corner of the earth and will continue to be staple products for medical supply manufacturers and distributors.

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