I have a new favorite here made by Hoover it is a hard floor cleaner and in this post I review the best tile floor cleaner machine for you about my using feedback. I like this cleaner, it's really nice it's much like a carpet cleaner on one side into a tank clean water goes with detergent and on the other side the dirty water is collected and it's really as it says does the scrubbing for you not that there is anything wrong with mopping.

But this one cleans the floor with spin brushes there it is spin scrub and hard floor cleaner it doesn't have a model number of anything else and how it's better than mopping is that it. It’s actually scrubs the floor, a little bit maybe I shouldn't say scrub with you know parquet flooring that's been that's been waxed. Everything but it does clean the floor with these spin brushes.

So I'm going to tell you about it. I like my best machine for cleaning tile floor, This is where the action happens with these spin brushes there are two kinds green with white bristles and green with gray bristles this gray is coarse and the white one is soft I'm going to need two hands to take it apart.

So I'm going to put you back on the tripod here there about the front is where the water is being displaced through this square opening here you can see the water going out and being sucked back up well

It's actually this is for collecting water to be exact and the front is like a squeegee very soft rubber very nicely made. The machine otherwise is also very quiet and just switch it on for you it's not whisper quiet but it's so pretty quiet. I like it, so these pretty brush releases like so and is driven by this hexagonal drive shaft there and these just spin and scrub.

The floor for you and here with mop with mopping you need a lot of water and it's not evenly displaced on the floor whereas with this one is pretty evenly displaced and you only need fairly little water to cover a relatively large area of floor and it really dries the floor for you whereas with mopping drying is dependent on how well you squeeze out the mop.

So it's always if you wait mopping at this one is a measured amount of water gets displaced and it gets sucked back up, so you're not rotting your wooden floor okay these containers just detach with 4the with this big green punches like so this is for the clean. This is for the dirty super straightforward, I'm going to start with the clean.

This is why the detergent not detergent it's a hard floor cleaning solution, this is where this goes in it’s a measuring cap it does say measuring cap on it. You feel it you put some cleaner into it and I fill it up with hot water, just from the just from whatever comes out of the tap. It has a fill line to it don't overfill on the top of the container there's a little hole there so if you ever shake, it don't because it will did the bubbles will come out and everything and it's going to spill through that little opening as well it's a little hole.

When the water level drops it doesn't it can drop without having creating a vacuum okay you get the idea so that's what that little thing is and this is just the latch super straightforward on this side at the bottom there is a valve that moves up okay started to fog up there.

There's a valve and that valve is going is being depressed by the base of the machine there let me just put it there and so the clean side is this where that pin in the base can take the water take the clean water out. It makes its way somehow here there's lots of plastics here it's going to be dispensed neatly and it's being sucked up through the squeegee front through the square opening there through that square opening there.

All the way to the top of the machine because this tank for the dirty water gets filled in from the top, it has other than this biggie latch on it it's got this one here and another little latch on the other side like.

So that's the dirty water and this one is a flap valve for overfill you know it shuts off any income the rising level of water shuts off anything else incoming so it's a shot off well I don't know how that foam can get cleaned I'm seeing four screws there probably. It does come out and you can clean that little sponge there it's a little bit dirty.

That's the top of the dirty container and let's just dirty water with nothing at the bottom of the tank other than the recorder and that's for off and it's got this big green knob on it it says it's hard to read.

However, it says wash and dry so when you want to wash your floor just set it to wash when you're ready to dry it just right you know on the handle it's got a big release button here there, I'm if you can see release.

But it does say release and then the hand the rest of the handle just tilts back may be storing or whatever in this position. What it also reveals that higher up the handle you've got either a trigger switch here or another one that slides forward and this one says super sorry clean boost okay.

What happens here is that those that it moves a push rod they're either with that lever or with this one now the where it says clean boost. It extends that rod that push rod further out so in order to wash it.

You have to squeeze either this trigger or this one either the trigger or the product other one. How much water is being dispensed is dependent on half for that rod extends so it either can come out, this much or that much more all right so let's is uh let's had a tank and everything latches together and goes together,

I really like this machine. It sure beats moving and bucketing and maybe spilling and whatever and then and then the floor with mopping would be wet for hours or whatever length amount of time lengthy amount of time with this one everything is neat and clean and tidy. I like this machine!!!

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