Every year the earth loses about 13 million hectares of its original forest. That is a surface forest about two times the size of America. By keeping the following tips in mind when looking for a new piece of furniture, you help prevent more forest loss.

Tips For Buying An Armchair

An armchair is usually an addition to your seating area. But also in a small space, where no sofa fits, an armchair is very suitable. An armchair is often described as a lazy chair, but the most important thing is that the chair is comfortable. With the following tips you can find a suitable comfortable seat for your living room:

  • What is the function of the armchair? Should it be a recliner, a swivel armchair or a 'standard' armchair? Every person has his own wishes.
  • Which type of fabric do you choose? You go for a leather, fabrics or a rattan armchair. In the last period, rattan is once again growing rapidly, so you can also see this in the armchairs. In terms of price it is cheaper to go for a fabric armchair, the disadvantage of dust is that it is more sensitive to stains. Are you looking for an armchair that lasts well with good preservation, then it is wise to go for a leather armchair.
  • It is important that the chair 'fits' well. An armchair must sit comfortably, you buy this chair for your comfort. So your feet should be able to stand flat on the floor when you are sitting. The seat should not be too long, this can cause knee pain in your knee and that is bad for the blood circulation of your legs. Also, the chair should not be too high, if you only touch the floor with the toes, you can get cramp or sleeping legs.
  • Are you getting out of your seat more and more difficult? Then it is wise to choose an armchair with a step-up function. This function helps you with less energy and strength to get up from an armchair.
  • Do you want a massage in your chair? This is also an option that is possible.
    Do you want an adjustable armchair? If you like to sit with your feet up or back with your back, choose an adjustable armchair.
    Do you have children and / or pets? Then keep this in mind when choosing the upholstery. Choose a covering with stains and hairs that are easy to remove. Ask our staff for advice.

Tips For Buying Dining Room Chairs

  • What do you have to pay attention to when choosing your dining room chairs. Home Center has put together a number of useful tips for you.
  • The height of the seat of the chair is a first point of attention. For this you have to take into account your own height, but also the height of the dining room table. On average the seat of the chair is 45 cm high. If you are longer than average, you have to take this into account. For children, this session is usually too high. To solve this problem, you can opt for height-adjustable dining chairs. The height of a dining room table is on average 74 cm high, you also have to take this into account.
  • You can opt for dining room chairs with or without a handrail. Chairs equipped with a handrail are comfortable. You can sit down with these chairs or sit relaxed. However, when choosing these chairs, you should consider the height of the table. Choose chairs that are still under your table, then you can sit the chair under the table.
  • When deciding on the upholstery of the chairs, it is important to consider who will use them. Are the chairs frequently used by children and do you have pets? Then the dining room chairs can quickly get dirty.
  • Then choose a strong fabric on which you do not see the spots quickly and which you can easily clean.
  • On a dark fabric you see less stains and leather dining room chairs are easy to keep clean. Leather is also a strong material.
  • Dining chairs on wheels are particularly fun on a hard surface, such as parquet, laminate or tiles. You are quickly manoeuvrable on these seats.
  • Dining room chairs are available in different living styles. You have modern, classic, industrial but also rural and romantic dining room chairs. The dining room chairs are an asset to your interior if they match the style you have used in the rest of your living room.
  • Cleaning the seats is also an important point of attention. Before purchasing, ask whether the materials you have chosen are easy to clean. Also, the maintenance of the seats, important for the life. The better you can maintain the chairs, the longer they will last.

Buying furniture online is for many people just a bridge too far. People want to see what they buy. They not only have an image with the furniture, but they can also immediately see whether the color matches the rest of the interior and whether the dimensions are good. A picture can be so beautiful online anyway; is it really the case can always be different than you expect. To avoid disappointments and unnecessary costs for returning furniture, please visit vertyfurniture.com when buying furniture online.

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