A restaurant owner knows how important it is to have the right flooring for his busy day. It is the investment from easy maintenance to longevity. Whether it is the front of house and back of house, the right flooring is indeed crucial and complex process.

If you are stuck between the right types of flooring you should opt for your busy restro and bars. Therefore, here is a guide to the best types of commercial restaurant flooring or bar flooring so you can make an informed decision. But, before knowing anything it is important to know the difference between residential and commercial and how the Denver flooring store deals in it.

Commercial Flooring Vs Residential Flooring:

When you are talking about commercial flooring then you must make sure that it should be slip resistant as there will be more people walking on the floor. If it not so, then there will be more chances of accidents at your place. Residential flooring does not need to fulfill any such criteria, although it is recommended that it too should be slip resistant to reduce accidents. Meanwhile, it is important to ignore inflammable floor such as carpet as it will become a risk-prone place.


If you are looking for strength and durability in the your flooring, then laminate flooring is the best type to opt for. This flooring type gives you the benefit of smooth surface that resists stains, scratches and wearing out. One of the another benefit why commercial places choose this flooring is that it resists fading and gives you a look that stays like new for years.

Tile Flooring

Want to outshine the interior of your restaurant? If yes, then here you are with the tile or ceramic tile that gives you the benefits of durability and longevity. The other best thing about this type of flooring is that it doesn't asks for much cleanliness and maintenance. If in worst case, your tile is asking for cleanup, then a simple sweep and mop will make it look good as new, and it’s fine if it gets wet at times. However, keep in mind that ceramic tile can be susceptible to cracks if something substantial is dropped on it.

Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT)

This type of flooring offers you durability along with the aesthetic interior ideas. This type of flooring is best for such ambience that has heavy foot traffic, and abrasions. It can even be placed to mimic other types of flooring and at a lower cost for some.

Stone Flooring

Stone flooring has been in the trend for many years especially when it comes to commercial places. This type of flooring gives you the option of choosing your type of stone for your workplace as each stone has its own level of durability but on average it is durable and provide elegant texture.This texture helps with a grip so it is ideal for kitchen areas or non-slip bar flooring where slips and falls can be prevalent.

Conclusion: These were the most common and prominent types of flooring that you will be recommended by your flooring store in Denver. However, it is always important to do your homework of knowing the details of every type of flooring to amaze yourself with the best experience.

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