Maud is dominated by her maid, and performs fellito is the best part of lesbian short stories.

 Looking up at Marie, and under her skirt, as she had that fateful afternoon months ago, one of those first time lesbian stories.
Only now Marie wore no underwear her black wiry bush in full view under her short skirt.
“Ready to be fucked by my throbbing clitoris.” Marie liked to talk dirty as Maud called it, she had to admit she was now getting turned on by Marie’s style of sex talk, the best part of lesbian short stories.

“My black bush down here.” She lifted her skirt and rubbed her groin, Maud could now smell the strong odour that black women seemed have in abundance, at first it had this also had seemed unattractive, often said in lesbian stories but now it had become a big turn on.
“It is all wet and ready to fuck your white hairless pussy, just like a virgin bride needs to know who is the master as she opens her legs ready to be fucked shitless by her man, she is now his possession, to be fucked, or buggered and at times to be beaten just to hear her scream before she is well fucked again, like you tonight.” Marie dangled the collar down in front of Maud’s face.

“Put it on white bitch of mine, don’t you forget what is written in your arse crack, sometimes I have to hold myself back from branding those proud tittys of yours; how I love your fucking body, desired it for years but could do nothing with Miss Charlotte around.”
Maud reached out, taking the proffered collar in both hands she buckled it around her neck.
“Tighter bitch, don’t want you scampering away.” Marie smiled at her choice of words.
Then pulled sharply on the attached lead, she forced Maud’s head up and under her upturned skirt.
“Now lick me out, I’se specially not washed and just had a pee, no wiping clean so I smell good and strong for my sensitive little whitey, also rubbed myself a bit to get my juices going, they’re nice and smelly, always are before my period. That gives me a thought for the future.” Jerking
the lead she shouted.
“Now! White bitch of mine start using that long tongue of yours to clean me out; or so help me god I will call one of the boys over to bugger that fine arse of yours with his thick long black prick and ream out that prissy little anus. Then pump you full of his squirting sticky sperm. You would not have to shit after that, your little turds would drop out through your gaping arse hole all by themselves.” Maud set to with gusto, parting the heavy labia and running up and down the smelly slit till it was clean.
“Now my vagina.” Directly her tongue entered the wide hole she was met by a heavy flow of thick cum. Sucking hard she managed to swallow it all without gagging. Marie grabbed her behind her head pushing her mouth hard into her hairy groin.
“Deeper bitch! Clean me out.” A full five minute later she released her hold.
“Now my clit, get it hard and ready to fuck your hairless pussy.”
Maud moved up the now soft sweet smelling labia, the hood was large and squat, working her tongue around it Marie’s clitoris soon emerged, not overly long but wide and quickly hardening to a short strong penis, like a miniature stubby thumb.
Jerking the lead Marie led her over to the sofa on the stoop.
“Stand still!” Marie pulled down the tight panties, unplugging Maud’s anus and letting the olive oil dribble down her legs.
“Now bend back over the end and part your legs so that I can have you as you whitys call missionary style.”
“Can we go to my bedroom? The boys may see us.”  Opined Maud.
“But that is the idea, they are invited.” Out of the lengthening shadows three very tall and dark skinned youths appeared, before Maud could even protest two had grabbed her arms and bent her back over the end of the sofa, careful to place her bottom on the top so that her mons was pushed out and up. In the lesbian short stories the third grabbed her ankles and snapped her legs open. She was totally exposed and open up to their greedy eyes.
“Nice work sister.” Said one stroking Maud’s up-thrust and now wide open mons.
“Just like we want them on our wedding night.”
“This is her wedding night; I’ve planned these lesbian stories for weeks. But remember she is mine, flip her over and inspect her arse.”
Maud was flipped over as if she was a mere feather, her open buttocks now available to the groping hands.
“Part her cheeks and you will see she is my property, so what I say goes, understood.”
“Yes Marie.” They replied almost in unison. Maud’s bottom was prised wide open by long strong black fingers. They gazed at the words ‘Mine Marie.’ One pushed a long finger directly into her anus, straight out of a first time lesbian stories.
“She is all oiled up and ready to go, good job with the oil too, she seems like a virgin there.”
“She is almost as good as a virgin, no husband for years now, and he had a small dick.”

Written by;
Kathleen Scotte

Author's Bio: 

I am an India based Author of several articles. His interests are diversified based upon the internet findings and research. He is an Arts Graduate with specialization in Current Online Trends.