Finding a great lube that works for you is one of the best ways you can improve your sex life. But then, once you start looking, you may begin to feel confused - water-based lubes, silicone-based lubes, flavored lubes. Which is the best one? In this guide, we will go over the benefits and negatives of each, as well as what they are best used for, so you can make the best decision for you and your significant other. If you're looking for even more information, as well as if you're looking for a new sex toy for your collection, click here.

Water-based lubes


Water-based lubes are generally much easier to clean up than the silicone alternatives. As they are water-soluble, this means that water will take the lube right off you. If you're a lube lover, you know this is important as if you get too excited, things can get messy fast! Silicone lubes are generally more waterproof which has its own advantages. If quick cleanup is important for you, then a water-based lube is the way to go.

Water-based lubes are also great to use with silicone sex toys and are one of your favorite combinations. Silicone lubes can, unfortunately, ruin silicone dildos and other sex toys due to warping.

Additionally, lubes made with a water base also smell amazing. The best brands generally have a gentle citrus flavor, or else, no flavor at all. This means that even with heavy use, you aren't going to have a lube-smelling room when you're done, which may be off-putting. Make sure to test smell the lubes you're interested in. If you smell a lot of chemicals or generally don't think the scent is pleasant, give it a miss.



The main issue with water-based lubes is that they will naturally evaporate as you're using them. This means you'll have to reapply and will probably get through more lube than if you were using silicone lube. You may find that when the water evaporates, there are some remnants left behind. When you go to wash your hands, you might bring the lube back to life and leave you with sticky hands.

Another issue is that some lubes may be more risky for vaginas and butts than their silicone alternatives. Cheaper lubes, in particular, have preservatives included to bring the cost down. Unfortunately, these chemicals can damage the inside of the body and increase your risk for diseases or infections. Make sure to do your research and find the best quality lube possible to minimize the risk.

Silicone lubes


These types of lubes last the longest, and can last up to 20x as long as a water-based lube. This is great for extended sex sessions and means that you don't have to reapply constantly.

Safe, as well as being long-lasting, silicone lubes can't be easily absorbed by the skin, so no chemicals can enter the body.



The main issues with silicone lube, as mentioned before, are that they can get messy quickly, and they can also ruin silicone-based sex toys. The secret here is to have both types of lube available and use the best one for the job at hand.

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