Choosing a toy for your child may seem simple but there’s a lot into it that you are supposed to know to buy a toy that your son/daughter will appreciate. Verily, there are many factors to put into consideration including the price, their age, safety, educational value of these toys and eventually fun. This article helps you choose the right toys for kids regardless of their age and gender.

For Babies below 1 year

You all know that the toys you are supposed to choose should be age appropriate. For babies below the age of one, you are supposed to be very careful. The toys you choose should be developing senses and helping their minds develop the right way. Some of the best toys to choose include simple patterns, rattling noises, those toys with bright colors and different textures. You can as well choose toys with rattles, stacking rings and those that will allow the baby to press a button and sing.

Children between 1-2 years

For this age, you can choose tactile toys for them simply because they are at the stage where they are learning to explore their world. You can actually choose bathtub toys, unbreakable mirrors, brightly illustrated books and toys that make some rhythms and noise.

Toys that mimic daily activities

It’s also a good option to choose toys that mimic things they see daily. This will help them learn faster and be responsible. You can choose a doll, workbenches, toy phones, tablets or even pretend kitchen. However, these toys will be perfect for children above 1 year of age.

Musical instruments

Musical instruments are fantastic toys because children always love the sound produced by these instruments. Children also like listening to rhyming words and also play such instruments. For the love of music, you can buy your son or daughter a kazoos, drums, keyboards and xylophones. Though, these toys will not be perfect for children under 2 years.

Dress up clothes

Children especially girls love to play pretend. Boys on their part would like to wear pretend clothes that will make them look as their favorite superheroes. What this means is that you can buy them pretend clothes that will help them be creative as they grow up. In this regard, you can as well think of different professions that your child is interested in such as nurses, police officers, astronauts and doctors.

Children over 3 years

For children between two and three years, it’s the time to encourage an active lifestyle. For this reason, you can buy them outdoor toys. Talk about sidewalk chalk, wagons, bubbles, sprinkler toys and sturdy cars.

Choose toys that enhance artistic expressions

For children above 3 years, you are supposed to pick toys that encourage artistic expression. Some of the best in this regard are building blocks, play dough, non-toxic markers, blunt scissors and interlocking plastic blocks.

Choose toys that connects children to the world around them

Another good idea is to choose toys that represent the characters that children are already familiar with. You can buy a toy that represents their favorite superhero or action hero.

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