The Lottery Vision, also known as Green Card Lottery, is a program of the American government. UU every year, it offers 55,000 permanent visitors to people in "disadvantaged countries", who are less represented in US corporate and family categories, the United States and meet two basic eligibility criteria. This year's Green Lottery program (2018) is called DV-2020 (the year in which successful applicants can enter the United States on the green card they have won) and is now open to everyone.  A world that meets the two basic requirements for access, The Green Card Lottery program is a compulsory program from the United States to receive an American permanent resident card, also known as the Green Card of the United States, because of a green card stay card.


The most important aspect is the choice to be eligible. The applicant must meet the requirements before registering for the lottery program. To qualify for the program, you must be a qualified country and be eligible for training or work. If you do not belong to a qualifying country, you can submit an application through your spouse or if you are one of your parents, provided that you come from a country that meets the conditions. The country is acceptable if it has a low income in the United States. UU and the list of these countries are different every year. By law, a visa for diversity will not be granted to hosts of high-income countries. Since there is a special provision before every annual access to the RV, the list of countries from which Aborigines do not qualify can be changed from year to year.

Applications for your Green Card Lottery from the United States They are only accepted online. In the past, paper applications are acceptable with signatures and photographic IDs. In 2003 this procedure was changed by the US government and applicants cannot register online. We have developed the online registration process, making it a fast, safe and reliable three-step registration process that takes about 15 minutes for each candidate.


  • Make sure you meet the requirements
  • Pay administrative costs for our services
  • Get the registration number and password from your account
  • Log in to your account to enter/edit your details
  • Provide/download photos of you and another candidate
  • We will reduce the size of your photos and change their size to meet the lottery requirements for different visas
  • We will send your application completely and without errors
  • Check online if you have earned your Visa Green Diversity card
  • The US government announced the winners. By mail and e-mail.
  • Winners receive advice on applying for an official visa at no extra cost
  • The winners receive advice on preparing an interview at no extra cost
  • We accept registrations 365 days a year
  • Free online support from our American immigration specialists

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