Molecular hydrogen, or hydrogen-infused water, is receiving a lot of attention in wellness circles for its potential to reduce inflammation, boost energy and performance, and improve overall well-being. The problem is, there are so many products saturating the market and none of them are regulated. It’s important to choose the best hydrogen water products - which we believe are made by trusii - to make sure that if you’re using molecular hydrogen, you’re getting the benefits. In this article, we’ll explain some of the benefits of molecular hydrogen, how it works, and why the trusii hydrogen water generators are the best products on the market.

What is Molecular Hydrogen and How Does it Work?

According to the Molecular Hydrogen Institute, an independent non-profit scientific organization dedicated to promoting the study of molecular hydrogen therapy, hydrogen is an emerging medical gas gaining “significant attention from academic researchers, medical doctors, and physicians around the world for its recently reported therapeutic potential.” Studies on the benefits of hydrogen gas in animals and humans began in 2007, and since then over 1,000 articles have been published.

Hydrogen is a non-reactive, non-polar, but highly-diffusible gas (which means it can penetrate any cell membrane), and it seems to act somewhat like a “selective” antioxidant, neutralizing certain cell-damaging free radicals - which are the sources of inflammation and DNA damage - while leaving other beneficial molecules alone.

Hydrogen also seems to have interesting effects on natural healing pathways in the body, such as the NRF-2 pathway, which is the body’s own powerful antioxidant-generating pathway.

In a nutshell, hydrogen is a very safe (there are no reported negative effects), very natural, but potentially very powerful way to neutralize some of the most toxic substances in the body. Recent studies also suggest that getting more hydrogen in the body in shorter periods of time is better, and there seems to be no upper limit to how much hydrogen you should take. It doesn’t build up in the body, and any excess hydrogen is just exhaled through the lungs.
Molecular Hydrogen and Exercise

One of the most interesting applications of hydrogen gas is for athletes. Hydrogen seems to help athletes with both endurance (delaying the amount of time before exhaustion) and recovery. Shortening the window that the body needs to recover before the next game or training session has been deemed “the holy grail of fitness,” and molecular hydrogen (particularly hydrogen water) seems to have major beneficial effects for recovery.

Even more importantly, hydrogen may even have benefits for injury prevention and recovery as well.

How to Get The Benefits of Hydrogen

So we’ve established that hydrogen is quite possibly extraordinarily beneficial for the body, completely natural, and completely safe. But how do you maximize the benefits? It turns out that not all molecular hydrogen products on the market are created equal, so it’s important to invest in the highest-quality products that produce hydrogen at the highest possible levels.

The two most common ways for a consumer to use molecular hydrogen is typically hydrogen inhalation (there are machines that turn distilled water into hydrogen gas to inhale) or hydrogen-infused water, the latter of which is by far the most popular.

Hydrogen gas is simply bubbled into drinking water, which the consumer then drinks to get the hydrogen gas into the body. However, it’s extremely hard to get a high enough concentration of hydrogen into the water in order to exert any beneficial effects, and many hydrogen water makers sold on the market today simply don’t create enough hydrogen to be beneficial. However, the trusii hydrogen water systems, which seem to be some of the most popular on the market, create the highest amount of hydrogen gas into the water that we’ve seen.

You can also purchase hydrogen-dissolving tablets made from magnesium from a number of different companies, but the amount of metallic magnesium required to make the hydrogen gas is a little concerning. The tablets are also expensive and many consumers we interviewed complained about the chalky, metallic taste. If you want crystal clear drinking water that tastes great and is infused with concentrated levels of beneficial hydrogen gas, the trusii systems are not only the top-of-the-line, but the best bang for your buck on the hydrogen market today.

Take a look at the two hydrogen water dispensers that trusii makes here, and compare them to anything else you can find on the market. You’ll be hard-pressed to find anything that stacks up.

What You Need to Know About the trusii Water Dispensers

There are several important things to understand about the trusii hydrogen water systems that may have an impact on whether or not you want to have one in your home. They are relatively big and are designed to sit on your countertop, so if countertop space is at a premium, they might not be for you. However, we have spoken to several clients who have put the systems in their garages and thoroughly enjoy them.

The next thing to know is that they do make noise from time to time. The hydrogen generation process and the special technology that trusii uses to infuse the water with higher levels of hydrogen gas takes about 15 minutes every hour, and you will hear the machine working to move water back and forth while infusing it with hydrogen gas. The benefit to this is that you’ll nearly always have hydrogen-rich water to drink, whenever you want.

The third aspect of the trusii dispensers is that they are not designed to be water filtration systems. In fact, according to the company, they only recommend that their machines use distilled water (or at the very least highly purified reverse osmosis water). The reason why is that with all of the moving parts in the trusii unit, it is relatively difficult to clean if you’re using a water with high mineral content or one that is improperly purified. So if you’re looking for a primary water purification system for your house, the trusii systems do not serve that function.

Now that you know the possible drawbacks of the trusii hydrogen water dispensers, we can safely conclude with saying that based on our research, these are the best hydrogen water products on the market today, and the competition isn’t all that close. So if you’re convinced of the benefits of molecular hydrogen and want to implement it into your lifestyle, the trusii hydrogen water systems are your best bet.

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