We often feel abandoned when we see other parents with their lovely kids playing in the cool garden. Truth is, we ought to have our own children but somehow, conceiving seems to be a total ball game. If your utmost desire is to carry your own baby or have more of them, this article is about the best way to get pregnant fast without taking pills. Getting pregnant naturally comes quite easy for some couples but seems difficult for others. A lot of planning have to be involved concerning the best date and time to have sex in order to conceive.

Deciding to get pregnant fast is usually the thought of every married couple who wish to start a full family and nurture children that would take after them. First of all, pregnancy is a very difficult situation to control or force. You should definitely wait for Mother Nature to help you all the way! It's not under your control unlike certain things in life like the place you work and even the wife you marry. I know that a lot of women would find this uninteresting, especially if you are a go getter. But don't worry, there are still certain things you can embark on to help increase your chances of getting pregnant fast.

When you engage in sexual intercourse with your partner during ovulation period, pregnancy is 80% likely to emerge. This solely depends on the ability of the sperm to connect with the egg that you have released. A woman usually releases on egg each month except on some sort of irregularity, when two eggs are released increasing the chance of conceiving twins). As you can see from this phenomenon, a woman has about 12 opportunities to get pregnant each year. This window of opportunity gazing at you is only opened within 2 or 3 days.

There is however a trick that you must stay with if you want success. Try and figure out the exact date of your ovulation in each month. Once this is determined and you have intercourse right within these small fertile days, your odds of becoming pregnant is increased. Once you miss having intercourse in these ovulation days, that month is gone and you may have to wait another month to try your fortune. This is because, opportunities for conceiving lies within these days of the month whereby the window of fertility is opened. You should thrive to utilize it tremendously.

There are two unusual ways to ensure you don't miss any opportunity to conceive, you can do one of two things. The first strategy is to have intercourse everyday of the month. This would ultimately increase your odds of getting pregnant fast, but your partner has to agree with it if it's useful. This technique would guarantee that you are having intercourse on the days that you ovulate.

The second technique is slightly different from the above. This method on how to get pregnant fast can be done when you use an ovulation detector to determine when you are ovulating. An Ovulation Detector can be purchased in the feminine care aisle of the grocery or drugstore. This tool works to help you detect when you are fertile so that you can decide having intercourse on these days to conceive. In any case, take it easy on yourself, children are gifts from nature, you will get pregnant fast and have a baby when you begin to appreciate nature.

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