Anyone who has experienced change in his/her place of work will have different stories to tell. This is because people’s perception of change differs from one person to another. While some will be scared others may be glad, but everyone must find ways to deal with it in a positive manner.

It is normal for people to be scared because of the fear of the unknown. There are so many reasons why people are usually scared of change, some of which are; larger workload with no extra pay, change in their job duties, losing their job all together and altering their daily routine.

This fear may be heightened if you have always been in good terms with the outgoing boss. In so many cases such person is usually the target of the incoming boss which sometimes is the primary reason for the change in job schedule. To these group of people, the change is usually not in their favor except in rare cases.

However, we must always bear in mind that change must occur whether we like it or not and be prepared for it, so that when it eventually happen we will not be taken unawares. We must therefore learn to deal with change in a positive manner.

When you ask people why they resist change, they will tell you that they are scared because they do not know what will happen next. Others will say they are scared because they are used to doing the same thing over the years and do not know why change should take place. But we tend to forget that the only permanent thing in this world is change.

No business can succeed for long if change does not take place from time to time. Most employers are looking for individuals who are receptive to change and are willing to be more flexible with their work. Be among the people that make the change happen in your business. Get familiar to the alterations and do not promote negative energies to the changes.

It is true that not all changes are right, yet we must try them to see if the change is going to bring better productivity, and by extension more customers to the company. Because people naturally like to refuse change, negative attitudes come out. If every one in your company has negative attitude, customers will not want to come in. Companies’ success is dependent on customers.

These are some of the things you must do when change occurs:
• Collect all the facts about the change, why the need for the change
• Look for the positive out of the change.
• Do not take the change on a personal level.
• Give the change time to work out or just go with the flow.
When change occurs, keep compose and talk it out confidentially, whether with your coworker or yourself, get to know why the change is occurring and what is in it for you. For businesses to survive, changes must happen.

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Author's Bio: 

Mark Irabor is a chief technologist and head of unit, college of medicine, university of Ibadan