A lot of men are very eager to pick up hot girls, but most of them don’t know how to do it correctly. These guys just don’t have a clue on where to look for gorgeous girls and how to win them. It’s not surprising that they always come home alone again and again! Truth to be told, you have to adjust your strategies when you meet girls in different spots and circumstances. A method - regardless of the fact that it is “proven” or not - simply can’t work on all conditions and circumstances. Here are a few spots that you should consider:

At a club or bar

Let's start with the "classic" choice first. The clubs are always loaded with the most attractive girls with the shortest skirts and breathtaking figures. Yet, just because they're there does not imply that you could pick them up that easily.

Ladies - especially the hot ones - are ready for several men to come and attempt to seduce them in a club. They have experienced this plenty of time and won't easy to be impressed. Your best bet here is making use of that experience to start a conversation. Ask them "what's the lamest lines you have heard tonight?" or something around that subject.

Another alternative is coming to the club near the closing time. At that time, the majority of the hot guys have left and the leftover girls who don't wish to get back alone that night won't be so picky anymore. Keep in mind that just because they're "leftover" doesn't mean they're ugly or mediocre girls. Some of them are there for the reason that were being too picky the entire night.

At an exhibition or show

There are countless choices here: art, automotive, computers, gadgets, etc. The girls are not here to socialize and won't be prepared to be approached, thus they won't be as challenging as the club girls.

Always do your homework first so that you can stand beside her and start a conversation about the subject she's looking. Don't make it too flirty, this is not the place and it'll freak her out. Of course, you can also hit the staffs or the models (specifically in an automotive show); just be sure to keep it short (given that she's in the middle of her work) and obtain her number.

On a public place such as laundromat, bookstores, or groceries

When you approach a girl on such places, they won't be on their guard as they are in a club. Provided that you keep friendly and polite, generally they will be happy to answer your queries. The concept is practically the same. You stand close to her, then ask her to pass an item in front of her to you or asking her opinion about several items there.

Supermarkets and laundromats are my favorites since people generally stop by both of these places frequently, hence you can use the "boyfriending" technique. The thing is, girls are generally have this romantic dream about "fateful meeting" and you may use that to your advantage. When she states that she comes there frequently, say "wow, we must have met many times without even realize it!" It's like "fate" eventually allows you two to know each other.

When it comes to picking up girls, don't restrict yourself to such limited options like clubs or bars. You can meet a lot of beautiful girls in their everyday's life and have better response from them. The iron rule here is to watch the surrounding, time, and circumstances, then adjust your way to approach them accordingly.

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