Here is a roundup of romantic phrases, the best love statuses for WhatsApp that you can use as you see fit.
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Best love statuses for Whatsapp

Here we go:

1. "You did not know how to stay, I did not know how to leave."

2. "I'll wait for you as you expect important messages, as you expect the kisses, the hugs. I wait for you with anxiety, fear, and heart in my throat. I'll wait for you because it's worth waiting for you. A little bit. Still forever. "

3. "My heart breaks a little when I hear your name."

4. "Tickling on your hips. The caresses. The stars and the desires. Messages that make your eyes smile, your heart, everything. The sudden hugs. Big hands. Kisses on the neck. On the forehead. On the lips. Sighs. His scent..."

5. "Just because we will not be together does not mean I will not love you."

6. "Because I am like that, I always have the awareness and the anguishing feeling that what I do is never the right thing."

7. "Together with you, the world is more beautiful, as long as the sun does not rise I live a dream in the night."

8. "I did not love you out of boredom or loneliness or anything else. I loved you because your desire was stronger than any happiness."

9. "We loved each other so much that even if we quarreled heavily, after two minutes we could not bear each other's lack."

10. "It always ends like this, you promise never to grow fond of it and you end up dedicating all the songs, the phrases, the beautiful things you see around."

11. "I'm not strong, I've never been. But when you hug me, I feel that nothing can hurt me. "

12. "Sometimes you have to be the hero of yourself, because oftentimes people without whom you can not live can live without you."

13. "We can spend days, whole months without talking to each other, then just take a look and we are still there. We understand each other, it takes very little and we come back."

14. "The landscape of life is the same, except that some sit calmly on a Ferris wheel, others prefer roller coaster."

15. "I take the risk of being trivial, obvious and heavy but I miss you, and the days like this have a bitter taste, if you're not there."

16. "I promised you that one day I'll come to you and hug you for all those times I wanted and I could not."

17. "You will get happiness when you stop waiting and make the most of what you are experiencing now."

18. "You cannot hide, life is a journey to be done otherwise you become a clandestine passenger who is deprived of looking into her eyes."

19. "To fill a gap, you have to insert what has caused it. If you fill it with something else, it will increase more and more. An abyss does not close with the air. "

20. "We complain so much that people cannot see the pain in our eyes when we are the first to be blind."

21. "And then I hear his voice and it all makes sense. The anxieties vanish and I start breathing again. "

22. "We can not go back. This is why it is difficult to choose and make the right choice. Until you choose, everything remains possible."

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