It’s odd to think that some of today’s leading recreational cannabis providers once emerged from pre-legality markets, more or less hidden from view. Back then, marketing one’s cannabis inventory was—to say the least—incredibly difficult.

Often bootstrapped with gray market funds, some of the biggest cannabis companies needed to both pioneer creative distribution solutions while coordinating with other entities similar to themselves to increase their exposure.

Cannabis Brands Worth Browsing

Meanwhile, other brands have emerged from the churning industry waters of newly legal marijuana. As some sellers set up shop as small business owners, others diversified immediately—serving up cannabis alongside intriguing products from other markets entirely.

The small businesses destined to become the marijuana world’s heavy-hitters might’ve spawned from several chaotic years, but they certainly had detailed plans beforehand.

Now, these providers offer a dizzying amount of cannabis-centric products. From shatter to Joint Packaging, and from THC topicals to top-tier joint cases, the world of recreational weed is packed with exciting things to explore.

Let’s do some exploring, ourselves.

Check out the big-name industry providers which offer experiences not available anywhere else.

Emerald Alchemy

Emerald Alchemy focuses on medicinal cannabis, defining itself as an apothecary. With a love of elixirs, tinctures and cold water hash, Emerald Alchemy is one of the more unique providers you’ll come across.

Its owner and founder, Billie Thibodeau, has an established history as an experienced herbalist. She’s translated her love of nature’s other health applications at every business turn, providing a top-notch product line which, in reality, is an exquisite lineup of art.


This industry leader is famed for its creation of the desktop vaporizer—an industry favorite loved for its convection heating, precision temperature control and beautiful, handcrafted glass design.

Vapexhale, similar to Emerald Alchemy, approaches the cannabis industry from a wellness perspective. The brand’s CEO, Seibo Shen, is loved throughout the cannabis world for her support of professional athletes.

Caviar Gold

Considered by many to be one of America’s best flower companies, Caviar Gold is the provider of expansive cannabis inventories of astounding variety.

Caviar Gold sells wares in California, Nevada and Washington, and every bud jar and Preroll packaging joint it sells is derived from top-shelf flower dunked in 95 percent THC concentrate.

Marley Natural

You probably recognize this brand. Marley Natural, established by Bob Marley’s estate with the assistance of Privateer Holdings, has sold clothing and accessories for years. These days, however, Marley Natural is known as one of the most widespread cannabis companies in America.

Marley Natural offers a wide product range of smoking products, apparel and body care products alike. Easily identifiable by its iconic lion logo, the multi-million-dollar company is expected to remain a staple provider for years to come.


The emerging provider of premium-tier, multi-use joint cases, PAQCase, is a brand of bold ambitions and incomparable innovations. Featured in High Times back in May ’19 as a number-one-product provider, PAQCase holds the answer to dynamic cannabis case designs built to last.

While any company can craft a memorable joint case, PAQCase has transformed the classic product’s core concepts to blast past renditions out of the water. Jam-packed with features, the PAQCase product line is surprisingly light on its feet. PAQCase gives its customers what they need—taking great care in acknowledging why they need it.

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