Betrayal rolls off your tongue like an exquisite dish but it’s more like a razor sharp sword that slices so deep to the core of your being. Its blade is so sharp that you’ve been wounded to the core and don’t even realize it ‘til the blood starts gushing out in waves of agony. Every time your heart beats, the blood sprays through the air- more and more lifeless you become with every passing breath. I can feel the life slowly leaving my body. What do I do? Have I, even I, cut this deep and never realized the pain I’ve caused. Me - this barren housewife with all these big dreams, hopes and aspirations, but under every rock I turn, enters more sadness and desperation. I am just a little girl in a big girl’s body that grew up way too fast.

Now I remember. I’ve been cut like this before – when my father left and walked out the door. Now, the husband of my youth has chosen another over me. Little me! All I wanted was to love and be loved but instead – BETRAYAL!
When you have felt the sting of bitterness or the backlash of rejection it can leave a deep scar, a wound that is so often disguised by a half-smile or a seemingly cordial glance, but all the while is creating a blackness of the heart and soul that only God can heal. Many people have experienced rejection from estranged parents, relationships, divorce and many other subtle areas that go unnoticed. As one bitter situation after another tries to envelop you, while below the surface a root begins to entwine itself around the soul. A root of bitterness that will defile you and everything you touch.

It will cause more and more self-rejection to surface as walls are built around you to protect you from the pains of the past. Who wants to endure more pain? Who can bear to withstand the pressures of life? Before you know it you are in your own lonely dark cave where no one can help. Everyone and everything is beyond your grasp, but God!

Our loving Father takes the battering ram of His love and comes to rescue His babies. He refuses to leave you alone in the cave of your despair. He floods your heart with love and laughter and joy that you may have only known in a fleeting moment in the past. But now a new day is upon you. Will you let Jesus Christ sit on the throne of your heart and flood you with the love, joy and peace that you long for? Let Him love you to health and wholeness. Let the root of bitterness be destroyed and consumed in God’s fire, for God is a consuming fire.

You don’t have to live behind the walls that you built that you thought would protect you from hurts and pains, but have only kept you locked away from the love that you desire. Before you run into the arms of another, let the love of Jesus Christ restore you back to life. No man or woman can bring the satisfaction that you long for. Wait in the presence of the Lord and be healed in Jesus’ name! 

Author's Bio: 

Natasha N. Mackey, wife of Apostle Steven V. Mackey, has worked in the ministry for over 15 years. She has worked in various capacities across denominational lines. Her life’s mission is to unify the Body of Christ and see the saints of God equipped, trained and brought to maturity in the faith.

She is an anointed, powerful woman of God. Natasha N. Mackey flows in the gifts of the Holy Spirit. When she lays hands on the sick, they recover. As she preaches, teaches and flows in prophetic worship, people are healed and delivered. She ministers both nationally and internationally and is an emerging speaker, author and singer/songwriter.

Natasha N. Mackey
Author: Walking in Kingdom Authority