In my articles, The Blank Slate Myth and The Dietitian’s Blank Slate, I wrote about the blind spot of seeing only what you want to see so you can do what you want to do.

Today, let’s talk about the blank slate of doctors.

With so many examples and so little time, where do I start to talk about the blank slate of doctors, seeing what isn’t there? Or, in other words, continuing to practice what medical school taught them even when it consistently fails to heal.

Let me take an example from last year’s news about the prostate cancer death of author Vince Flynn, a strapping guy still in his forties.

One report of the death included the news that he received a hormone treatment that made him believe he could beat the cancer. And I knew what had happened. That was the treatment that killed my brother a few years ago.

Here’s how it goes:

The doctor announces prostate cancer is caused by too much testosterone. Maybe even jokes about being a danger to society with all that testosterone floating around.

The doc orders medicine to kill the testosterone, and things go well. Briefly.

But in a month or so, the cancer comes roaring back, vowing revenge and heading straight for the bones. Once in the bones, cancer rapidly spreads far and wide, and the patient dies.

Medicine has known for years that eliminating testosterone to treat prostate cancer ends in disaster. And yet it’s still common.

Sadly, once you receive the anti-testosterone hormone treatment, no cancer center will accept you as a patient, hopefully to get remedial treatment, lest you ruin their statistics.

And now reports say going in the opposite direction–adding testosterone instead of killing it–is the way to go. Another blind alley.

Let’s look at a few things here.

If high testosterone levels cause prostate cancer, why aren’t teenage boys dropping like flies? Did the kill-testosterone crowd ever puzzle their minds about that?

Prostate cancer shows up when testosterone levels are low, usually with age after a lifetime of innocent, but poor, choices leading to estrogen dominance. And you can speed up the process by cramming your body full of estrogen it doesn’t need.
How do we innocently invite estrogen into our lives? Let me count the ways: Soy, flax, grocery store meat and milk, lotions and potions with parabens, BPA, plastics, etc.–all loaded to the gills with estrogen.

Nobody tells us estrogen is a witch on wheels and always spoiling for a fight. Or that testosterone doesn’t have what it takes to fight back, let alone win.

Estrogen pounds the endocrine system, starting all sorts of mayhem. Such as men growing breasts and developing prostate cancer. And women ending up with breast cancer–after years of PMS and such.

So here are two steps which, taken together, get good results:
•           Avoid the things that bring estrogen into your body
•           Pile on good nutrition, via a strong vitamin/mineral program, and give your body  the ammunition to fight back.

By reducing the invasion of the bad guys and increasing the number of good guys, you give you body a chance. And it will fight like a wild tiger for you.

Whatever your health issue, start now to help your body win the victory.

And if you’re facing the consequences of this misbegotten hormone treatment? As I said, your body will fight like a wild tiger if you give it the ammunition it needs.

And while medical poobahs have led us to believe that vitamins and minerals don’t do much good, man, oh, man, they’re the cavalry charging over the hill to engage in battle for you! That’s the help you’ve been needing.

God is good,
Bette Dowdell

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Bette Dowdell defines determination. In a really deep health ditch, with doctors who didn’t help, she got her Oh-Yeah! attitude in gear and researched her way out. She never intended to be a health expert, but sometimes a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do. Bette’s still researching, and you can get her free health e-mails by signing up at