Scientists of New Mexico-Albuquerque have developed such an apparatus which collects solar energy. In their very first experiment researchers melted a sheet of iron which was 4.5 meters long 1.8 meters wide and 1/4th inch thick. In comparison to this experiment decorated with invaluable accessories in a laboratory, a greater lab is the human body. If only latent powers are identified and activated within the body infinite energy can be accumulated and via this many mind boggling events can be displayed.

In Sept 1977 the Mount Everest conqueror Sir Edmund Hillary went on an expedition called ‘Ocean to Sky’ in which he traveled via the River Ganges right from Kolkatta city to the river’s mouth in Gangotri peak. When Hillary’s boat reached Allahabad a 68 year old Hatha Yogi stopped the revving boat at one spot for 10 minutes (i.e. the motor was fully on). Thousands of viewers saw that the boat’s motor was fully on at 200 hp and although the water gave off many bubbles the boat stood standstill. In the New Mexico experiment in order to focus solar rays a computer operated mirror plate was used called heliostat. In that within 2 minutes at a temperature of 3000 degrees F and 1.8 mega watt electricity melted a sheet of tough steel. But to centralize soul force and gain due benefits no such complicated technology is required. Just as when a lens is used solar rays are concentrated at one point and thus made infinite in the same way concentration of vital force in the human psyche gives amazing powers to that person.

This is just as hydrogen is widespread in the atmosphere and in a special place by inducing heat of 1 billion degree centigrade hydrogen atoms start focusing at one point. Thus in such an area an artificial sun is produced. German scientists are experimenting in this field although they have yet to reap success. Hence although this infinite storehouse of energy lies scattered around us yet we are unable to tap it. The Lord Almighty has given every human body these powers. And yet very few individuals possess such a potent will power to activate these powers. Those who succeed become walking storehouses of Yoga Power and thousands of laymen benefit as a result. Mere concentration of thoughts makes man an intellectual, writer, engineer, scientist and what not. In comparison to this one cannot even imagine what the results of soul force concentration are.

Energy generated through different modes, be they natural or artificial is but a long term accumulation of solar energy in a direct/indirect manner. Objects kept in a safe manner can be made use of later. In this fact this very precept is at work.

A Geothermal specialist C Gulemin a few years back at a conference in his essay in Paris had said that only in Paris if well of a depth of 1500-2000 meters are dug up so much heat will be obtained from hot waters unearthed therein that could be equivalent to the fuel burnt worth 0.1 billion 8 million tons. In a place called Melon in Paris, approx 1900 homes can be supplied with hot water, at a speed of 100 meters/sec that has a temperature of 70 degrees Centigrade.

In the Himalayas at various places there are such ponds where water up to a temperature of 350 degrees Centigrade can be found. In the North Pole area of Russia by removing hot water from the depth of the earth they save 0.2 billion ton of fuel. In Lardrello of Tuscany such a mill has been designed in which from earth’s heat 390 mega watt electricity is generated. In California itself there are 10 such geothermal factories. From these 100 mega watt electricity is generated. Such geothermal factories are there in Japan, Mexico, Iceland, New Zealand, Philippines etc. All this energy is nothing but accumulation of heat within the earth obtained from solar rays. Today’s human civilization benefits from it like an heirloom left behind by ones forefathers. France has constructed a factory in the Ross River from which 240 mega watt electricity is generated from ocean tides. This too is a priceless gift of sun.

In India there is approx 1400 billion ton coal. In the coming 200 years energy can be generated from it at the rate of usage of 6.25 billion tons per year. This too is sun’s gift. It is inferred that it is nothing but energy accumulated from time immemorial in the form of coal. In this manner it is impossible to measure solar energy present in coal.

During monsoons clouds gather to form an ‘aerial ocean’ and then showers rain on entire earth. These clouds result due to steam which the sun with its heat converts water to steam at the rate of 6 million ton water/sec. 2/3rd of the total energy obtained by the earth from the sun is used up for this activity. This gives us the fact as to how discreetly natural powers manage the burden of this cosmos. If for 1 year there are no monsoons in the world then not only the human community but all living beings will die due to the famine that would ensue. What and how much is the immediate requirement? Where in future is there a need of hoarding? How is the balance of heat and cold to be induced on earth? With reference to this if nature’s thinking is indiscreet, lacking subtlety/farsightedness then all beauty seen here along with life management will disappear. Those people who in their lives maintain this philosophy and farsightedness not only themselves gain respect and honor but succeed in leading their family members on the path of advancement.

This gigantic measure of solar power and its cosmic function gives us a vision of the world’s potency. There is no dearth of anything in the Lord’s gigantic world. If there is any obstacle it is man’s ignorance and inertia like inner state. Ignorance and inertia deprives one of true progress and thus ones viewpoint becomes narrow. Fuel and coal are gross avenues of energy. Even if they are unearthed in huge quantities the energy obtained is quite less. Ahead of this is geothermal energy and mightier than that is electricity. Even if these do not solve our needs there is the infinite storehouse of solar energy. One such source of various energies which overwhelms the psyche is present in the inner recesses of Mother Nature or Prakriti. Maybe to obtain it is arduous but scientists have kept in front of us that principle which dissolves our doubt involving the depletion of all energy sources.

The sun is 1490000000 km away from the earth. Such a gigantic distance and when compared to the earth’s surface area gives only 0.000000005 amount of its energy to earth. But even this much energy is so prolific that it can be compared only to electricity obtained from 200 billion atomic energy storehouses. If only it is converted to electricity it is equivalent to 17300 billion mega watt of electricity. It is inferred that the earth gets heat of the measure of 1 kilo watt electricity/sq meter. It is difficult to imagine such gigantic proportions. This gift we get incessantly yet it is our bitter fate that we shout hoarse from rooftops for more and more energy. It is like a fish swimming in the ocean thirsting for drinking water.

The incessant flow of solar energy is our very life force. All creatures including trees and plants are alive because of its benefaction. Right from the moss to all plants imbibe solar energy for the function of photosynthesis and along with carbon dioxide and water give us vegetarian food. More than 500 billion people and infinite more living beings sustain because of solar energy. All of them prove the belief of Indian Philosophy that the sun is our very soul. From the spiritual standpoint we are that light spark of that Divine Light hence we should take shelter under its aegis and deeply imbibe it. If it is absent flowers wither and germs get activated. In our life the extinction of sin and advancement of divine bliss is dependent on the fact that we do not forget our soul potential.

At one point in time it was beyond the ken of our imagination that solar energy could be tapped, bound and used for greater activities. But when the National Physical Laboratory was established it succeeded in making solar cells which converted solar energy into electricity. In the region of Mount Louis and Odille in France solar furnaces have been devised. It is a black varnished apparatus that soaks solar energy. Machines to heat water, cook food, keep the room warm and small solar energy technology is designed on this basis. In Israel salt water is desalted thus. In future scientists aim to purify all the oceans so as to render them potable and thus solve world water based problems. Energy is singular and where ever it is utilized one can see wondrous results.

In the world over this application is being put to use. In the Armenia Mountains of Russia electrical power houses have been designed in which 1300 mirrors aid in trapping of solar energy. These power houses dwell on 5 acres of land. Solar energy enters the boiler placed at a height of 130 feet on a tower and as a result, 2.5 million kilo watt electricity per hour is generated. So far heat used as steam to melt iron was 2800 degrees C, tungsten 6100 degrees C and pure metals was 6900 degrees C. But now because heat energy is got from sun up to 8000 degrees C everywhere the probability of an industrial revolution is anticipated. World scientists are working hard to achieve this.

Via solar energy not only material gains accrue but also soul benefits are attained. The requirement is not of having faith in soul force powers but the vigor and enthusiasm to overcome obstacles in attaining the same. Immense subtlety is required along with focused self introspection. To collect solar energy apparatus with mirrors are required. By rendering our psyche clean as a mirror impure thoughts have to be removed else both light and darkness will go away and our aim to concentrate soul power will remain a mere dream. Along with personality/soul transformation, only by focusing soul force does one accrue benefits of uniting/merging with soul consciousness called Almighty God by laymen.

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