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Those who have not studied design, we assume, would still agree on the next sentence. Any design should be simple, beautiful, and easy to use. This is the basic understanding one should have while designing anything. It must depict its purpose and place. But, why are we talking about design in a business magazine? Because the recent business years have been centered around the same philosophy i.e. design.
However, these years have progressed with the addition of another single word. And that word is thinking. Together, the said buzz word ‘Design Thinking’ has become a common name in the business sphere. Apple, Google, and many other industry giants use design thinking daily in their day-to-day tasks.
In business vocabulary, design thinking refers to product development solely based on customer’s needs. Again, in simple terms, customers’ need above all. Design thinking is a proven problem protocol that is used by businesses to deliver the best of services. And its most important feature is that it gets incorporated in all sizes, whether you own a small or a big business.
Design thinking stimulates critical thinking, thoughts that need to be coordinated, actions that need to be made, circumstances that need to be changed, information that needs to be learned and eventually focus on solutions. The primary aspect is simply thinking, thinking about a solution, or solving a problem.
Design thinking should be the core of your business. Once incorporated, it will become the core of strategy development and organizational change. And in turn, will create a culture that focuses on solving problems. Not to mention, it can save a ton amount of money as it shifts its focus on specific people and solutions that they need.
With such advantages set in place, the key from here must be to progress while maintaining momentum. From now on, the business must aspire to create a future, they want to live in. Maintaining the momentum, they can move beyond today’s design thinking and try to take a step further thinking about our future capabilities and culture.
For forthcoming years, empathy and experimentation will be the key. Additionally, methodologies such as scenario planning, context map, and trends map should also be explored. Another important aspect, businesses must work on the edge of innovation of their relevant business market.
Now, with business in mind, let’s start with The Business Talk 2020. Here, we bring forth noteworthy market players, giving new insights on how to conduct business.
We start things from our Cover Story, Anant Industries, a major supplier of services for our Indian Armed forces. The firm serves our Brave Armed Forces Personnel with advanced technologies and cutting-edge weapons to stand tall and strong against fierce foes.
Inspired by’ Def-Expo 1988’ for the Indigenization of Imported Defense Hardware, the company was founded in August 1988 by Mr. Chetan Dharia. Today, with 30 years of experience, Anant Industries has become a well-known source for numerous Indian defense organizations for hydraulic and pneumatic assemblies for T72/T90/BMP tanks and its V92S2, V46-6, UTD-20 engines.
Other than that, we have;
Cebex Solutions: An industry-leading firm in the field of Electronic Security Solutions. Cebex offers electronic security solution consulting and integration, with a high emphasis on system design and service standards.
CorpTeaser Animation and Films: It provides services that can go beyond a client’s criteria as well as industry standards.
ITCG: An inescapable name as a Licensed Software provider to its customers. Currently, it is a Gold Certified Partner for Microsoft, Oracle, Adobe, and Autodesk.
Payatu: A cybersecurity company that has established itself as a pioneer in a state-of-art fuzz testing and IoT lab.
SKEPPER: A full-service agency that works with game-changing brands and inspired companies.
Other than that, we are privileged to mention Janaseva Foundation and Mane Group of Industries.
While learning about these esteemed businesses, do not forget CXO, written by an industry expert, an exclusive interview and an article on Leadership Skill masterly crafted by our in-house editors.
Well, without further ado, let’s start with Anant Industries.

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