Sacred containers, whether called God/Goddess Boxes, Butterfly Boxes, or Angel Boxes, have been used for years as a storage place for intimate worries, concerns, fears, and life troubles. The term “butterfly” can be used universally because it provides a powerful metaphor for transformation.

The idea behind the box is that you write down your fears and concerns, place the pieces of paper inside the container, and symbolically release them into the energetic flow for divine healing.

Give your life a brief review right now. Are you happy with the relationship you are in, the status of your finances or health, or the work that you do for a living?

If you’ve decided that you truly want one or more life areas to be different, you must first examine what’s holding you back from making those critical changes.

Underlying most excuses, angry comments, or resentful remarks is fear. How do you handle this paralyzing entity, and do you even recognize its insidious nature?

Playing out stories and explanations such as “I don’t know if I can,” “I don’t have the time or money,” or “My family won’t agree,” are superficial compared to the fear that lies beneath.

What are you afraid of? Is it success, failure, harm, poverty, or even true happiness? Is your serenity and personal bliss worth fighting for? How can you transform the negative emotions of fear and victimhood into the powerful emotions of self-love and worthiness?

The answers reside within and will surface into conscious awareness as you journal with vulnerability your deepest fears and concerns.

No ordinary box by itself will magically transform your life into the “happily ever after” you crave. However, the use of a Butterfly Box can help you identify problems and inhibiting beliefs, set intentions to co-create healthy solutions, and detach from specific outcomes while allowing a higher process to unfold.

The Butterfly Box method requires 4 steps:

1. Design a box
2. Write down your fears and place them inside
3. Relinquish control
4. Follow up on guidance received

1. Designing a box
Tapping into your innate artistic ability, you become a creator who brings life, form, and pattern to the formless. Imagine the box as a sacred vessel of transmutation.

Choose one based on a combination of intuition and practical decision-making. Do you want something big like a hat box or something small like a jewelry type box? It can be made out of substances such as wood, cardboard, cloth, or bamboo. Decorate the outside and inside with what interests you most.

The five elements, in and of themselves transformative, can be incorporated into the creation of a sacred box and your efforts for personal growth. For example, a special feather (air), a bottle of holy water (water), a crystal (earth), a candle (fire), and a dove pendant (akasha or Spirit) can all be placed inside the box.

2. Writing down your fears
The next step is to transfer your fears onto paper. You may decide to work on one particular concern or difficulty or release every pain, resentment, or worry bottled up inside. Whatever you are guided to do, proceed with that and then call upon Spirit or your higher self to heal first the situation that requires the most attention.

Visualize all negativity and blocks being removed from your mind, body, heart, and soul. Feel yourself enlightened and relieved as you transfer the words onto paper.

Consciously fill voids or spaces left inside your energetic, emotional, and physical bodies with green healing energy, pink loving energy, or white divine energy.

Say a prayer of gratitude or meditate as you close the lid. Ask Source to transform all your fears into powerful blessings and help you co-create a new life that completely supports you and the highest version of yourself.

3. Letting go of control
The third step can actually be the most challenging. Even after you symbolically turn your troubles over to God or the universe, you may still find yourself worrying about how your problems will be resolved and what you think is the best answer.

Examine it from this perspective. You’ve done enough worrying. If your situation is still troubling you and any previous attempts for resolution have been unsuccessful, what have you got to lose by trying a different approach?

Furthermore, by enlisting the help of God, angels, or goddesses like Butterfly Maiden, you invoke a powerful force that wills you to have all that is good. Don’t worry about how a healing will manifest or what the final outcome will be. Your job is to trust that things will work out and a win-win solution will reveal itself.

4. Follow up on divine guidance
When your creation is complete, intuitively decide where to store your box. Then casually begin to observe for signs and opportunities that present themselves in your waking life as well as during subconscious dreams or meditations.

Trust in the process and act on positive guidance:

- Does it serve your greatest purpose?
- Is it helping you become a better person?
- Is the guidance health-promoting?
- Do you feel good about acting on it?
- Would you miss a great opportunity if you didn’t follow the guidance?

Although divine guidance may push you past your comfort zone, it will never advise you to harm yourself or others. The direction is always progressive and self-empowering in a healthy way.

Your personal development journey and life changes will often require you to move on from situations that are no longer conducive to your new path. Therefore, your immediate environment and relationships may indirectly be affected based on your higher vibration.

When you are again guided to work with the Butterfly Box project, you may decide to remove your old papers and fears before putting new ones in their place. You can burn, tear up or simply discard them as a final way to release the past.

The Butterfly Box, imbued with your essence and motivation for change, is a tool to help you release fear, take responsibility for your problems, and reclaim the power to heal your life. Working to let go of what no longer fosters a higher good, you ready yourself to receive and co-create life experiences full of love, abundance, and joy.

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