The sunroof is a great feature and no one must be willing to deal with a shattered sunroof. It will be a jolting experience for you if while driving your sunroof suddenly shatters. However, on keeping an eye on the news you will find that there are many reports of families who have experienced shattered sunroofs. Let’s hope your sunroof glass never shatters. But what will you do if your darkest nightmare does come true one day? You must immediately visit an auto glass repairer to get that repaired or replaced. You should also keep a regular eye on your sunroof to look for any drain holes in the corners.

The problem of a clogged drain tube can be easily solved by using a vacuum to remove debris. If that does not work you need to contact an auto glass shop for help. You will probably not want your problem to get out of control and be left with sunroof glass repair as the sole solution. It is vital to clean the sunroof tracks regularly you can also take a resort to auto glass shops for fixing the issue. It is a big problem when the glass shatters spontaneously without giving any warning.

This mainly happens as auto glasses are made of tempered glass and when it breaks, it breaks in a million small pieces. However this breakage doesn’t mean that the glass was hit by debris, any flaw can break the sunroof under pressure. If the entire sunroof glass shatters then there is no way left other than taking recourse to sunroof glass replacement. In case of exploding sunroofs, you are required to call a reputable glass shop to repair or replace the broken glass.

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The sunroof glass can shatter when the car moves too fast around a corner.